Greetings parents, guardians, students, staff and other stakeholders.

On behalf of this professional learning community and its educators, it is a pleasure to welcome you to today’s commencement exercises. I am pleased that you were able to leverage your resources in such a way as to join us today.

Our strategic plan for this afternoon is for you to invest your attention in several empowering speeches, followed by the distribution of diplomas in a sequential format. Our data-informed target is to complete implementation of today’s action-items in time for all stakeholders to arrive at their individualized celebrations in a timely fashion.

And now, I should like to address our soon to be former stakeholders, our graduates.

As educational facilitators, we have shepherded you from your days at the Early Childhood Center through the 21st century learning process to arrive at today’s mission-critical outcome. Over those temporal and spacial scales, you have mastered informational texts aligned to multiple technology-infused paradigms.

And now, as you transition to the next experiential-based phase of your existence, we hope that in your meta-cognitive moments you will unpack and repurpose your proficiencies toward terminal and enabling objectives.

As you approach the authentic, real world scenarios that you will encounter across cognitive and affective domains, it is critical that you deploy diverse efficacies to expedite your action plan.

Guard against those who would disaggregate you from the competencies that you have optimized during your years here. Operationalize your intrinsic motivation in order to maximize your strengths-based proficiencies.

Whether you visualize a career in pedagogy or simply plan to embrace life-long learning, we urge you to dialogue with cohorts in order to facilitate the holistic decision-making strategies shown to deliver results in both professional learning communities and business settings.

Remember, it is acceptable if on occasion you fail to meet your target-driven benchmarks. Nobody is able to optimize all of their outcomes. Utilize your critical-thinking skills to reassess your performance criteria and try again.

Real-world scenarios will demand that you periodically reinvent yourself. To the extent practicable, guard against stagnation relative to your skill set. Envision for yourself multidisciplinary functionalities whereby you can recontextualize frameworks for ongoing professional development.

In our rapidly evolving, technology-infused universe, you will need to employ a global, top-down approach to all of your interfaces. But you must remain ever mindful of your own socio-emotional well-being. Remember: Technology is no substitute for the enduring understandings that come from dialogic and intuitive processes.

We wish you Godspeed as you go forth to create collaborative, diverse and process-based rubrics in your own professional communities. The innovative infrastructures that you synthesize will hold the key to harnessing next generation synergies.

Finally, speaking as educators and thought leaders, we hope that during your time in this learning environment we have exemplified the importance of communicating clearly.