Published in the May 26, 2016 edition


NORTH READING — The town has received 21 applications for the vacant position Director of Public Works and Town Administrator Michael Gilleberto hopes it will be possible to name an appointment around July 1.

Former DPW Director Richard Carnevale resigned in March following two arrests and revelations of a police investigation related to alleged drug use by DPW employees. Gilleberto subsequently appointed Robert Moylan as Acting DPW Director.

Moylan, a former Public Works chief in Worcester, was named on a 90 day appointment.

The resumes are being evaluated by an internal screening committee, Gillebert said, to identify individuals to be selected for a first interview. That will likely be followed by second and third interviews prior to potential offer made to a successful candidate.

The internal screening committee consists of Moylan, Police Chief Michael Murphy, Finance Director Liz Rourke and Parks and Recreation Operations Director Maureen Stevens. The screening will be facilitated by Alyson Olsen, the town’s Human Resources Administrator. Under the town charter, the appointment is the responsibility of the town administrator.

The vacant position was advertised on the website of the Massachusetts Municipal Organization with a link to the North Reading town website. The salary is not specified but it is noted that the fiscal 2016 salary was budgeted at $117,000.

According to the website, “This position oversees and is accountable for DPW administration, buildings, cemetery, engineering, highway, machinery maintenance, snow and ice, stormwater, street lights, tree care and water. The next Director will have the opportunity to shape the future of North Reading’s Department of Public Works.”

The deadline for applications to receive “full consideration” was May 9.

According to the job description, these are the essential functions of the DPW Director:

• Conducts short and long-term planning; establishes objectives and goals; formulates standards and policies; and provides opportunities for personnel development, provides leadership for the execution of programs approved for implementation, management of projects accomplished in house and by contract, and monitors/supervises the day-to-day maintenance of the Town’s infrastructure.

• Plans, organizes, directs and coordinates the activities of the department; confers with town officials in determining plans and policies to be observed in the conduct of department operations.

• Establishes program and project policies with the approval of the Town Administrator, prescribes general rules, regulations and administrative policies for the department; directs the preparation and maintenance of necessary records and reports.

• Supervises subordinates and ensures staffing levels, including contracted services, are adequate to meet seasonal requirement; conducts regular inspections of work sites to ensure compliance with departmental policies and technical requirements.

• Ensures the DOT/FHWA Drug and Alcohol screening regulations are enforced.

• Directs engineering functions in planning, supervision and preparation of Town maps, plans, specifications, projects and the application of technical tools, solutions and resources.

• Prepares, submits and administers the annual departmental budget and the capital improvement plan; recommends the purchase of equipment, staffing levels and improvements of the department; assists others with the development, presentation and execution of the Capital Improvement Program.

• Monitors the review of development projects; provides technical assistance to various boards and committees related to public infrastructure; monitors inspection services and technical compliance with construction standards; meets with stakeholders to discuss current and proposed work, work problems and work procedures; meets with various civic organizations to discuss public works progress, needs and problems.

• Assists with collective bargaining negotiations; administers and enforces the collective bargaining agreement, personnel policies; and personnel management issues.

• Plans and coordinates education and training programs for employees, including safety training.

• Assists with developing public policy recommendations for consideration by the Board of Selectmen.

• Provides consultation to Town Boards, Committees, Commissions and departments on public works.

• Responds professionally and responsibly to inquiries by the public and press; disseminates information to organizations and the public regarding department activities, programs, goals and objectives.

• Generally, plans, constructs, directs and provides for the effective coordination and delivery of public works projects, services and products for other Town departments; and provides for the coordination of internal department work and activities with outside contractors and agencies.

• Attends Board of Selectmen, Town Meeting and other meetings as necessary.

• Performs similar or related work as required, directed or as situation dictates.

• Determines the need for contracted services for construction, rehabilitation or repair of infrastructure; develops plans, specification and contact documents for public bids; administers and monitors contracts to assure compliance with terms and conditions.

• Directs and oversees public procurement for Building (MGL c. 149) & Public Works Construction

According to the job description, these are the recommended minimum qualifications:

Education, Training and Experience:

Bachelor’s Degree in civil engineering, public administration or a related field; seven years responsible supervisory or administrative experience in municipal government; or any equivalent combination of education and experience. Eligible to be bonded by an insurance carrier. Valid Massachusetts motor vehicle operator’s license. Registration as a Professional Engineer preferred but not required. Possession of an unrestricted Construction Supervisor License from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts preferred but not required.


Working knowledge of town government; working knowledge of departmental operations including civil engineering and costs associated with building maintenance and rehabilitation practices and procedures.

Working knowledge of other town departments, state and federal agencies; working knowledge of personnel and state procurement regulations and Chapter 90 regulations; working knowledge of department budgetary procedures, record keeping, cost accounting and information flow techniques and practices; working knowledge of municipal water and waste water treatment operations and related distribution and pumping systems. Working knowledge of ground and facility maintenance techniques as they pertain to buildings, roads, water mains, sanitary and water drains, electrical lines and conduits.

Thorough knowledge of local, state and federal laws regarding public works management and operations.