Published in the November 1, 2016 edition.

WAKEFIELD — Learn all about the town, its services, its civic organizations and its businesses during Wakefield 101 on Saturday, Nov. 5, from noon to 2 p.m.

The second installment of the informational event for residents is held at the Beebe Library and hosted by the library, the Chamber of Commerce and the town of Wakefield

Local businesses have been encouraged by Chamber of Commerce Director Marianne Cohen since mid-September to make plans for Wakefield 101, which is a way of welcoming new residents to town and showing all it has to offer.

In an email she wrote, “Approximately 200 new homes are sold each year in Wakefield. Twice a year, the Chamber is partnering with the Town and Beebe Library to host a ‘Wakefield 101’ Open House. At these events, new residents are invited to a gathering at which town leaders, civic leaders, organizations and Chamber representation will come together to share information about our wonderful community. Each household will receive a Wakefield 101 Welcome Bag and Mug only available at these events.

“These attractive tote bags are filled with Chamber member promotional items and fliers/coupons. Your promotions will catch potential customers’ eyes at a key time — when they are new to the community and looking to establish new relationships for their everyday needs, products and services. …

“This is an ideal, cost-effective advertising method for all of our members. Creating awareness of local products and services encourages residents to ‘Buy Local’ ensuring a thriving business community.”

Among the suggested giveaway items are a cup, potholder, towel, lunch bag, tape measure, magnet, pen, key chain, ruler, calendar or other tangible gift item for use in a new residence. Cohen says flyers, menus, certificates, discount coupons and business cards don’t hurt either.

Non-profit and other community groups are also expected to participate.