Published in the September 11, 2015 edition

MELROSE — Initial enrollment figures for the 2015-16 school year show that 1,673 students are in the five elementary schools, 821 are middle schoolers and 970 are in Melrose High.

In addition, there are 61 preschoolers, 125 multi-age students and 106 pre-kindergarteners in the Franklin Early Childhood Center.

On the first day of school, there were 3,464 students in grades K-12.

At the Hoover School, there were 42 kindergarteners who attended Sept. 1’s first day of the school year; 45 first graders; 43 in the second grade; 44 in the third grade; 38 fourth graders and 42 fifth graders. On opening day, 254 students attended the Hoover.

The Horace Mann School had 256 students on Sept. 1: 43 kindergarteners, 44 first graders, 42 second graders, 45 third graders, 39 fourth graders and 43 fifth graders.

At the Lincoln School, 400 students went to the first day of school. There were 83 kindergarteners in the four kindergarten classes (between 18 and 22 per class); 68 in the three first grade classes; 67 in the three second grade classes; 64 in the three third grade classes; 61 in the three fourth grade classes and 57 in the three five grade classes.

There were 82 students spread out over the four kindergarten classes at the Roosevelt School, which also had 64 first graders, 67 second graders, 67 third graders, 65 fourth graders and 62 fifth graders, for a total of 407 students on opening day.

At the Winthrop School, 68 kindergarters went to school the first day, as did 60 first graders, 63 second graders, 62 third graders, 59 fourth graders and 44 fifth graders, for a total of 356.

At the Veterans Memorial Middle School, there were 263 sixth graders on the first day of the school year, 270 seventh graders and 288 eighth graders.

At Melrose High, there were 259 freshmen, 236 sophomores, 238 juniors and 237 seniors attending on the first day of the 2015-16 school year.