INSPIRED by nature and botanicals, artist Kristen Ambrosi applies acrylic paints with countless different methods of mark making. (Emily Klesaris Photo)



NORTH READING — February’s artist of the month featured at Flint Memorial Library is artist Kristen Ambrosi.

Hailing from Fairfield, Connecticut, Kristen brought over a dozen abstract paintings to North Reading to display here at the library all month long.

With a degree in Visual Arts from Bowdoin College and a background in magazine publishing and marketing, Ambrosi honed her foundational skills which paved the way for her current works of abstraction. She describes herself as a “contemplative painter of contemporary art” who is motivated by the unknown, and employs new processes every time she steps into her studio.

Ambrosi compares her artistic journey to her dance experience: having begun with ballet, a very technical and rule-driven form of dance, then transitioning to modern dance, which is much more freeform and expressive.

Working in many layers, she applies acrylic paints with countless different methods of mark making. Any tool goes when it comes to Ambrosi’s process, including sponges, roller brushes, foam brushes, pallet knives, spray bottles, and more. These tools lend themselves to her experimentation. She also doesn’t commit to which side is “up” until completion of the piece. The sense of freedom and exploring her voice are also themes woven into her art.

Ambrosi creates visual interest within each piece with the aim for two things: continual surprise, and places for the eye to rest, to achieve a sense of harmony. Her work is heavily inspired by nature and botanicals, often making use of earthy neutral hues, with the purpose of grounding and calming those who interact with it.

Ambrosi believes that the emotion and narrative behind a piece is equally as important as the visual aspect of the piece. Though her work is nonrepresentational, she explained how her thought process impacts each individual piece, how she is driven by color and composition, guided equally by the feeling of balance and clarity. The artist describes these pieces as deeply personal work.

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