Published in the October 5, 2018 edition

MELROSE — The aldermen decided this week to have one of their committees review a request from city officials on how to spend some money coming from the Encore Boston Harbor Casino project in Everett.

Director of Public Works John Scenna wrote in the request that the city has been approved to receive a Community Mitigation Fund Grant of up to $100,000 from the Mass. Gaming Commission because Melrose has been determined to be a neighboring community of the casino development.

“The City,” Scenna writes in a memo to Mayor Gail Infurna, “has applied to use the first $26,904 of this funding to perform an analysis of the major travel corridors leading to the Oak Grove Orange Line MBTA station for Complete Streets elements. The casino plans to offer shuttle service from the Orange Line, so the proposed study directly ties to mitigation of potential impacts associated with transportation to and from the casino from Melrose.

“The funding will be allowed to the Melrose Department of Public Works, who will work with (consulting firm) Stantec via an existing roadway design assistance contract, to perform an analysis of Washington Street, Pleasant Street and a portion of West Wyoming Avenue totaling approximately 2.5 miles in length. This area includes the Lincoln School and Wyoming Hill commuter rail stop, as well as major travel routes to Oak Grove. The corridors will be reviewed with respect to bicycle and pedestrian accommodations including intersection improvements, crosswalks, wheelchair ramps and bus stops.

“Specific recommendations for improvements will be developed and presented to the community at the culmination of this work.

“The City,” Scenna continues, “envisions that the remainder of the total $100,000 available will be used at a later time to implement and construct the improvements recommended through this study. We formally request acceptance of this entire $100,000 grant for these purposes….”

Scenna’s request was sent to the aldermen’s Committee on Appropriations.