WALTHAM — The City of Melrose has partnered with National Grid, signing a Community Solutions letter of mutual understanding with goals of improving energy efficiency and sustainability for National Grid Customers within the City. 

The City of Melrose, which created a Net Zero Action Plan to take collective action in combatting climate change by reducing greenhouse gas pollution by 2050, has been working with National Grid to implement energy efficiency, clean transportation and sustainability programs helping businesses, residents and the City advance a clean energy future.

This new three-year agreement sets forth a mutual desire to realize an energy and sustainability vision. The partnership will support the ongoing commitment to economic growth and climate change mitigation, as well as the desire to lead by example to achieve a vibrant, cost-effective, clean energy future. First-year priorities of this agreement include energy efficiency improvements to schools, municipal buildings, small businesses and residential properties.

“National Grid is committed to advancing Massachusetts’ climate objectives and working with the communities we serve to achieve a clean, equitable, affordable energy future,” said Helen Burt, Chief Customer Officer, National Grid. This partnership with the city of Melrose is a great example of how National Grid and local communities can create lasting change. By leveraging one another’s capabilities plus our nation-leading energy efficiency and clean transportation programs, we can together help customers save on energy, enhance economic growth in the community and reduce carbon emissions.”

To meet the community-based objectives set forth by the agreement, the City of Melrose and National Grid will work together to engage residents and businesses to participate in a variety of energy efficiency and clean transportation programs offered by National Grid. These programs will help reduce annual utility and maintenance costs, improve operations and reduce carbon emissions and adverse environmental impacts.

“Melrose has been committed to addressing climate change and pursuing the goals set forth in our net zero action plan that we finalized in April 2022,” said Melrose Mayor Jennifer Grigoraitis. “We are looking forward to working with partners such as National Grid to move this agenda forward.”