MELROSE — As many of you are aware, some neighborhoods are experiencing an increase in the rodent population. I would like to take a moment to update you on what the Melrose Health Department and the City of Melrose has been doing to address the current rodent issues.

We understand how disturbing it can be to see rodents and/or rodent burrows in your neighborhood. It is something we take seriously and try to address immediately. Rodent control is an increasing issue in every community throughout the Commonwealth and is seldom attributed to a single factor. We are working on education to show that it needs to be a community effort to help address this.

If rodents and/or burrows are found on private property, the Health Department works with the home or building owner to assist them in addressing the issue. We give them written information about rodents and rodent control and advise them to hire a licensed pest control operator (LPO) to address the issue on their property. We educate them to ensure that the LPO provides a comprehensive service including a thorough inspection of their property, trapping if appropriate, poisoning if appropriate, and changes to the property to make it less hospitable to rodents. As rodents are seldom limited to one property, we offer to provide information to the neighborhood. If there are dumpsters in the area that are open or overflowing, we address that with the business owner.

This is an issue facing communities across the Commonwealth. It will take the efforts of the entire community to address. The staff at City Hall will continue to work side by side with our residents and businesses to address this issue.

Please join us for a Rodent Education Community Meeting on Monday, August 23 from 6-8 p.m. at Memorial Hall, 590 Main Street. Masks are required to attend this event. There will be a presentation by Yankee Pest Control followed by a Q&A session. Freedom Pest Control and North Shore Wildlife will also be on site to help answer questions and educate attendees on what we all can do to help prevent this.

Parking is available in the back of the hall. Please enter through the main doors on the side of the building facing the fire station.

For questions please call the Melrose Health Department at 781-979-4130.