SENIOR ABI TRAVERS proudly displays the artwork she created in her Advanced Placement Studio Art class at Open Studios at Lynnfield High School. (Dan Tomasello Photo)



LYNNFIELD — Lynnfield High School’s front lobby was transformed into an art gallery and the cafeteria was turned into a concert hall when the very popular Open Studios and Spring Concert made its triumphant return on May 17.

Open Studios gives high school students the opportunity to display the art, photography, graphic design and music they created to the community. While the high school has offered concerts the past two years, Unified Arts Department Head/LHS Band Director Harry Wagg recalled that Open Studios was last held in the spring of 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Getting this event back up and running has been absolutely fantastic,” said Wagg. “We have a remarkable group of talented and inquisitive students participating in the arts programs here at LHS.”

Art teacher Laura Johnson agreed.

“As arts educators, we place significant emphasis on the creative process, particularly its initiation, where students conceive, reflect on and refine their concepts,” said Johnson. “However, it’s crucial to recognize that at the far end of this process lies the performance and presentation of their work.”

Photography/graphic design teacher Elizabeth Hayden concurred with Wagg and Johnson’s sentiments.

“It’s incredibly important for these young artists and musicians to have their work seen and heard, enabling them to share their talents with others,” said Hayden. “In turn, the community becomes the fortunate beneficiaries of these outcomes, experiencing their extraordinary work firsthand at events like Open Studios.”

Similar to previous Open Studios, Johnson said students were able to display the art, photography and graphic design pieces they created throughout the front lobby at LHS.

“Each student in Advanced and Advanced Placement level classes had the opportunity to set up an individual board and display their favorite pieces they made this year,” said Johnson.

Hayden echoed Johnson’s viewpoint.

“Our students are making art and photography about topics that are important to them as well as refining and improving their technical skills,” said Hayden. “It is a great chance to show off their hard work to the rest of the school as well as friends and family members.”

SOPHOMORE Ella Hayman was smiling from ear-to-ear while displaying the artwork she created during Lynnfield High School’s Open Studios. (Dan Tomasello Photo)

Sophomore Ella Hayman enjoyed displaying her artwork at Open Studios, which included a micrography piece of rock star Bill Joel.

“Its drawing using words,” said Ella. “I used a pen to fill in all of the dark spaces to create shadows to draw the portrait. I have been making art since I was little. I love it. I take classes outside of school too.”

Ella also enjoyed seeing other students’ artwork at Open Studios.

“It’s really cool seeing all of the amazing art,” said Ella. “There are so many talented artists at the high school, and it’s really great they have the opportunity to show off their work.”

Hayden enjoyed seeing students’ photography and graphic design works on display.

“There was a large display of photographs for the LHS Photo Challenge, which was a collaborative exhibition open to all students and staff in the LHS building,” said Hayden. “It is wonderful to see the world through the eyes of so many and showcase the unbelievable creativity here at LHS.”

LYNNFIELD HIGH SCHOOL UNIFIED ARTS Department Head/Band Director Harry Wagg leads the Guitar Ensemble during a performance of Bill Withers’ “Lean on Me” at the Spring Concert. (Dan Tomasello Photo)

In addition to the Open Studios art gallery that was on display in the front lobby, band students performed the Spring Concert in the cafeteria.

“The musical performances showcased at this event centered around the small group projects that our instrumental students have dedicated themselves to,” said Wagg. “Working in these smaller ensembles not only grants students the freedom to choose the songs they perform, but also places a stronger emphasis on their individual contributions, requiring each student to take on a more significant role as a collaborator and leader within their group.”

Johnson commended the high school’s art and music students for making Open Studios and the Spring Concert a huge success.

“We talk a lot about talent when we discuss the accomplishments of our art and music students, but we also want to acknowledge the invisible ingredient of practice that comes long before students showcase their work in an event like Open Studios,” said Johnson. “Students have been revising their ideas and honing their skills and though the product looks polished and effortless to the audience, it is the direct result of hard work and determination. We are so proud of them.”

Johnson said the three educators hoped that students felt “an immense sense of fulfillment as they shared a profound part of who they are with the community.”

“It’s not just about recognizing the hard work and determination they have invested in their artistic pursuits,” said Johnson. “It’s about highlighting the opportunity to wholeheartedly express their unique selves and present an honest reflection of their identities through the arts.”

Hayden noted that artists often feel as though they are “working in isolation.”

“We hope that students are buoyed by the opportunity to share their work with a larger audience and will be encouraged by the positive response they receive,” said Hayden. “We feel that self expression through the visual and performing arts is a crucial part of education and life, so we are honored to give our students the chance to share their hard work and talent with the local community.”

Wagg also said the three educators hope that Open Studios and the Spring Concert will inspire more LHS students to take unified arts classes.

“We also hope that other students who might not have had the option to take an art or music class at the high school will be encouraged to sign up for one after seeing the amazing things their peers have been working on,” said Wagg. “The benefit of an arts education is far-reaching and transformative for our students, and we feel that nurturing creativity is an essential component of a well-rounded education for all learners.”

Talented artists and musicians

The Lynnfield High School students who displayed their artwork at Open Studios and/or performed music during the Spring Concert were Aanya Gupta, Abby Lopez, Abby Zanella, Abi Travers, Abigail Spillane, Abigail Zannella, Adam Ho, Adishree Batchu, Aidan Bird, Aidan Ryan, Aislin McCormack, Alex Morales, Alex Schmidt, Alexander Adreani, Alvaro Bido, Andrea Ellis, Angelina Wang, Annabelle Eckhardt, April Sun, Aran Dharma, Arianna Atsales, Ashkrit Mahajan, Audrey Janielis, Avery Bird, Avi Shrivastava, Bella Carroll, Bella Sykes, Benjamin Dahlstedt, Benjamin Tagg, Brady Field and Brian Flores-Cuvedo.

As well as Caden Mendese, Caitlin Buoniconti, Cameron Munion, Celisha Diaz, Charlie Beatrice, Charlie Morgan, Charlotte Beccia, Chase Carangelo, Christian Murphy, Christopher Gonzales, Colin Billings, Dan McSweeney, Devin DeLuties, Diego Martinez Serrano, Drea Chan, Drew George, Dylan Murphy, Elizabeth Morse, Ella Doherty, Ella Feury, Ella Hayman, Ellie Grieves, Ellie Phelps, Ellie Shapleigh, Emile Coumans, Emily Toscano, Emma Harnett, Emrys Klee, Ereeny Georges, Erin Golden, Erin Murray, Estella Steadman, Ethan Downey, Evyenia Georges, Gianna Micielli, Giuliana Fusco, Grace Davie, Grace Pena, Hailey Burrill, Haniya Qazafi, Hannah Gromko, Hannah Ozanian, Harris Hadzihasanovic, Hayden Service and Heavenly Claypool.

In addition to Isabella Giacobbi, Izzy Moschella, Jack Cuddy, Jacob Book, Janhavi Joglekar, Jay Sewyck, Jayden Ing, Jenna Supino, Jerusha Robins, Jesse Dorman, Jhainier Gonzalez, John McKrell, Joseph Wozniak, Joshua Robbins, Julia Ho, Julieta Figueras, Kabir Singh, Kaiden Stefo, Kayla Santo, Keely Briggs, Kyle Morais, Lauren Lane, Libby Considine, Loralei Eckhardt, Luke DiSilvio, Luke McQueen, Maddie Migliero, Maddie Sieve, Mahdi Makki, Malak Al-Mamori, Manny Perez, Mari Chambers, Matt Tracy,

Matthew Reinold, Maxwell Lin, Michael Marenghi, Mike Savio, Miranda Dixon, Mohamed Elmatoui, Murdoch Sutherland, Nandana Nishanth, Nate Clancy, Nathan Zalvan, Nicholas Lozada, Nick DeGennaro, Nick Kelter, Nina Alfe, Olivia DeLeo and Olivia Kelter.

The remaining high school students who participated in Open Studios and the Spring Concert were Patrick Spychalski, Payton Munion, Quinn Hardisty, Rachel Lim, Reagan Chisholm, Rita Seghair, Rowan Showers, Roxanne Beatrice, Russell Kasdon, Ryan Giacobbi, Ryan Kyes, Ryan Michalski, Sahil Patel, Sam Curley, Shea McCarthy, Shealyn Moore, Shlok Kudrimoti, Siri Tudi, Slate LoPilato, Sophie Kennison, Spencer Ripley, Steven Morse, Taj Gaafer, Taylor Collins, Tim Sullivan, Veronica Wainwright, Victoria Clancy, Victoria McCrann, Victoria Ruisi, Victoria Wing, Zahir Mitchell, Zoe Obrien, Zoe Rockwell and Zoe Sipcic.