Top White Sox in Senior Little League Softball


THE DODGERS were crowned the Little League Senior Softball Town Series champs for the third straight year. In the front row (from left to right) are Sharice Bono, Alexis Truesdale, Macie Story, Nicole Catino, Rachel Janielis, Mackenzie Story and Vanessa Kaddaras. In the second row (from left to right) are Ashley Sullivan, Jocelyn Healey, Pardeep Singh, Norah Coyne, Emma Hickey, Leah Fossett, Lily Power and Skyler Dube. In the third row (from left to right) are Head Coach Mike Truesdale, Assistant Coach Maureen Hickey and Assistant Coach Jeff Power.

WAKEFIELD — For the third year in a row, the Dodgers finished as Wakefield Little League Senior Softball town champions. This year it took their best effort as the final game went a thrilling nine innings before the three-time champs pulled out a 3-2 victory over the White Sox.

At times White Sox pitcher Meghan Burnett seemed unhittable while getting outstanding defense from her teammates.

The Dodgers pulled it out in the ninth with consecutive hits from all-stars Nicole Catino, Vanessa Kaddaras and Alexis Truesdale for the walk off win.

Stellar fielding was provided by Emma Hickey, Mackenzie Story, Leah Fossett and Pardeep Singh.

Clutch hitter Sharice Bono sparked the offense early setting the stage for the late inning heroics.

Throughout the season and the playoff run, ace pitchers Truesdale and Hickey continued a three-year run of dominance as they were backed up by teammates Lily Power, Ashley Sullivan, Skyler Dube, Rachel Janielis, Norah Coyne and Jocelyn Healy.

The Dodgers are one team that has remained committed to team play, sportsmanship and excellence for such a long stretch, but everyone in attendance at the games has agreed they have been a pleasure to watch. The result has been the town series championship the past three years.

Published in the June 25, 2015 edition