Published in the December 9, 2016 edition

MELROSE — The Melrose Emergency Fund’s winter fundraising drive is off to a great start, with over $5,000 worth of donations so far.

“I am touched that so many Melrosians are remembering others at this busy time of year, when we are already preoccupied with our own celebrations with family and friends,” said Mayor Robert J. Dolan. “Melrose is truly a community that takes good care of its own.”

The Emergency Fund makes Melrose a stronger community in many ways. A child who doesn’t get a proper breakfast before going to school may struggle in the classroom. A senior citizen who can’t afford oil may try to heat her house with a space heater or oven, causing a fire hazard. Someone overwhelmed by bills may stop opening the mail — until their power is cut off. By intervening to help with small problems, the Emergency Fund can help prevent big problems. And sometimes, when a family has a big problem such as an unexpected loss or a sick child, the fund can help with that as well, providing much-needed help in times of crisis.

The Emergency Fund provides one-time help to Melrose families who are going through financial emergencies. It is administered by the City but consists entirely of donations from the public. Because the fund is administered by city staff as part of their regular duties, there are no administrative costs — every penny goes directly to aid for Melrose residents.

Here are some of the residents who made donations this week:

Kappa Delta Psi Sorority.

Melrose Public Library Staff Association.

Hank and Janet Murphy.

Robert and Maryann Sullivan.

William and Mary Hanlon.

The Woolf Family.

John P. Brennan.

Francis M. Walsh and Fairlie A. Dalton.

Sheila Tighe.

Ralph Scibelli and Marguerite Gonsalves.

Thomas and Eileen Torpey.

Carol Elizabeth Downs.

Yvonne and George Kossuth.

Marilyn and Gordon Parsons.

Bob Hughes.

Fred and Gale Babin.

Pierce Cray and Catherine Sheils.

Robert and Judyth Casey.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Harding.

Robert Eskin and Joan Shea.

Margaret Zirker and Scott Warmkessel.

Dr. Lisa J. Wilson-Wright and John C. Wright.

Mary M. Clark and Bernard F. Wideman.

Karen and Tim Konicek.

Russell T. Priestley.

John Calabro and Agusta Agustsson.

Melrose High School boys’ and girls’ cross country teams.

The 200 Club.

Maurine Garipay.

Delma G. Harrington.

Christopher DeMayor and Penelope Jones.

Margaret and James Driscoll.

Barbara and Brian Musselman.

To make a donation, send a check to Melrose Emergency Fund, Mayor’s Office, 562 Main St., Melrose MA 02176 or bring it directly to the mayor’s office on the second floor of City Hall. Checks should be made out to the City of Melrose, with “Melrose Emergency Fund” in the memo line.

For more information about the fund, call 781-979-4440.