Posted on August 8, 2017

WESTBOROUGH — John C. Ferreira, the 54 year old suspected of viciously attacking his mother and sister in their Vinton Street home, has been apprehended by Westborough Police.

According to a source, he was still in a Toyota he allegedly stole from his mother’s 99 Vinton St. home. Ferreira also had the same Rottweiler with him that he did when he left the city after the Friday attack.

He faces serious charges: attempted murder, armed kidnapping with serious bodily injury, assault with a dangerous weapon (one on a person over 60), armed burglary and assault, mayhem, larceny of a motor vehicle and armed assault to rob. The weapon was reportedly some sort of hammer or rubber mallet. At least one of the victims had been tied to a chair.

According to the source, a Westborough police officer saw the Toyota coming out of a secluded parking area today. The officer recognized the car and Ferreira, who was taken into custody without incident.

Melrose detectives are on their way to Westborough to retrieve Ferreira.