Nearly 120 runners turn out

Published in the December 8, 2015 edition.

WAKEFIELD — The conditions were ideal for early December for the 117 runners who competed in the Frozen Frolic Road Race on Saturday afternoon leading into the Holiday Stroll. The race, which was held to benefit the Wakefield Memorial High boys’ and girls’ track programs, started and finished in downtown Wakefield.

Brookline’s Zack Schwartz, 27, captured first overall in the men’s race as he ran the 3.4 mile course in a time of 16:16. Schwartz beat out Wakefield’s Ryan Kerrigan, 35, who clocked in at 19:02 for second place.

Quincy’s Biliana Mikaylova, 26, came in first in the women’s race as she posted a time of 20:15. Wakefield’s Suzy Macero, 42, took second place in the women’s race as she timed in at 21:49.

Rounding out the top 10 for the men were Wakefield’s Matt Surette, Wakefield’s Jack Spicer, Wakefield’s Tanner Jellison, Lynnfield’s Dean Malerba, Wakefield’s Chuck Connell, Wakefield’s Mattew Kerton, Wakefield’s Peter Pescatore and Wakefield’s Trevor Noble. They ran times of 21:19, 22:26, 23:23, 23:28, 23:39, 23:56, 24:01 and 24:14.

Rounding out the top 10 for the women were Wakefield’s Jean Lynch (22:39), Wakefield’s Kelly Ledoux-Walsh (23:29), Wakefield’s Alison Mehlman (25:19), Melrose’s Elizabeth Emerald (25:20), Wakefield’s Stacey Suntken (25:34), Wakefield’s Nicole Jacob (25:48), Wakefield’s Kyle Maloney (26:05) and Lynn’s Sarah Scott (26:06).

There were also male and female champions for age groups.

Spicer and Wakefield’s Lily-Camile Cullen were the male and female winners in the 1-18 age group, while Surette and Ledoux-Walsh were the 19-29 male and female champs.

Melrose’s Matthew Knott (26:13) and Maloney finished first in the 30-39 age group, while Malerba and Mehlman won the 40-49 age category.

Freedom, N.H. resident Gerard Constantino (24:36) and Lynch were the winners in the 50-59 age group, while Burlington’s Deborah Klein (36:24) was the female winner in the 60-69 age category.

The team award winner was Keith’s Tree Service with a combined time of 1:14:48. The runners included Spicer, Mason Brennan, Matt Cunningham, Ross Ickes, Keith Derochers, Marissa Sheppard, Kayci Brouillette, Erin Field, Jay Sheppard and Shannon Brennan.

The rest of the Wakefield runners in the top 50 in the race included Derryn Langlois (24:41), Brennan (24:41), Cunningham (25:41), George Getty (25:48), Rob Lucci (26:17), Aishling Casey (26:57), Tom Finn (27:10), Glen Curry (27:12), Edward Dombroski (27:12), Robert Ritchie (27:19), Bob Shaw (27:24), Elizabeth Russell (27:33), Ben Stratton (27:35), Samantha Seabury (27:36), Sean Walsh (27:41), Gina Jones (27:48), Ken Duval (27:51), Diego Winsor (27:52), Matt Constas (28:00), Dan Winsor (28:04), Tim O’Brien (28:25), Ian Schermerhorn (28:45), Erin Walsh-Hagan (28:50), Allan Stratton (29:03), Kayleigh Callanan (29:19), Andrea Leger (29:20), Kimberly Cummings (29:26), Ickes (29:38), Kate Stevens (29:59), Sarah Neal (30:36), Thuy Dang (30:45), Lucy Skeldon (30:55), Jessica Callanan (31:02) and Mary Sylvia (31:18).

The rest of the runners from Wakefield included Erin Colliton (31:18), Gregory Beaudoin (32:05), Dennis Reilly (32:14), Erin Schermerhorn (33:06), Derochers (33:06), Sharon Nikosey (34:02), Ross Guinall (34:40), Ryan Gornall (34:40), Gordon Trainor (34:41), Mark Stackhouse (35:26), Bernadette Farrell (35:29), Andrea Kerton (37:48), Maxx Brennan (39:40), Marisa Shepard (40:00), Brouillette (40:01), Jay Sheppard (40:20), Cindy Matuszewski (40:51), Amy Buckley (40:58), Meredith Sullivan (45:03), Lori Dettorre (48:19), Julie Galvin (49:35), Owen Slattery (49:36) and Jimmy Crump (49:36).

Prior to the adult race, there was a one mile kids’ fun run.

Wakefield’s Zachary Jellison, 12, came in first with a time of 7:17. Taking second was Melrose’s Mollie Lytje, 11, who ran a time of 7:19. Wakefield’s Oisin Cullen, 10, finished third in a time of 7:28.