Published in the July 19, 2016 edition.

WAKEFIELD — The six people running in today’s Special Election raised over $10,000 to fill a vacant selectman’s seat until next April.

Leading the way was local elected politics first-timer Mehreen Butt. The lawyer and director of Public Policy at Rosie’s Place in Boston raised nearly half the total by herself. She was followed closely by current School Committeeman Christopher Callanan, who raised 3,390 and to a much lesser degree by Phyllis Hull, Dan Benjamin, Nathanial Gayman and Allyson Houghton.

The candidates for the open selectman’s seat had to submit their most recent campaign finance reports eight business days before the election.

According to those finance statements, Butt raised $4,101 beginning around the end of May with a $100 donation from Nadia Butt. Also contributing over $50 to the Butt effort, were: Joanna Berlin, $100; Sabeen Chaudry, $100; Sarah Mitsch, $200; Dr. Renu Mutala, $201; Ameek Ponde, $500; Saral Rabbani, $100; Gaffour Sheikh, $100; Kim Winters, $125, and Theresa Wienam, $100.

In addition, Butt received even more money — $2,425 — from people donating $50 or less.

Her campaign also spent $1,761 on printing, stamps and food at Market Basket and Zaika Catering, the usual election spending items.

The campaign had $2,297 left for the campaign’s stretch run.

Christopher Callanan’s campaign for the selectman’s position left vacant when Betsy Sheeran was elected Town Clerk in April proved a formidable fundraising machine too.

In all, Callanan raised $3,390 in the reporting period that ended July 11, $2,690 of which came from people donating $50 or less to the cause.

The big donors were: Mark Tarpey, $100; Anthony Guardia, $100; Patricia Buker, $200; Saratin Rizzuto, $100; Thomas Markham III, $100, and James Callanan, $100.

Like Butt, Callanan spent money on catering and sign printing, as well as on a hall rental, a postcard mailing and invitations. In all during the most recent reporting period, his campaign spent $2,720.

He had $691.74 left for the campaign’s final week.

Phyllis Hull, the former selectman who wants to return to the board, raised $1,380 in the most recent reporting period, $1,000 of which came from those donating over $50. They were: Richard Afrikian, $100; Roland Cote, $100; David Kelly, $100; Robert and Jean McCorry, $100; Brian McCoubrey, $200; Leo McMillan, $100; Philip and Mary Salois, $200, and Alfred and Ann Willett, $100.

Hull spent $1,203 on signs and newspaper advertising.

Her campaign had $176.72 left as the campaign headed into its final week.

Like Hull, Dan Benjamin ran for selectman in April but came up just short. The Foster Street resident and active Wakefield volunteer raised $600 to go with the $614 he had left over from the previous campaign.

His contributors included Fred Rich LaRiccia, $300, and Pat and Jean Bruno, both of whom contributed $100 to the cause.

Benjamin spent $562 on printing and postage, and had $652 left in his war chest as the campaign wound down.

Nathanial Gayman of Charles Street, another local elected politics newcomer, donated all the money his campaign received — $394.49. It was spent on lawn signs and other name recognition builders like stickers and items to promote his campaign at places like the Festival by the Lake.

The campaign had no money left by July 11, according to Gayman’s finance report.

Allyson Houghton raised and spent $174 as of July 11.

She contributed to her own election effort, as did two others. The Houghton campaign spent its money on lawn signs.