WAKEFIELD — As the $75 million Galvin Middle School project nears completion, finishing touches will be applied between now and the “substantial completion” date of July 17, according to Frank Hayes, CEO of BOND Construction and project manager Dave Capaldo.

The main classroom portion of the building was completed in time for students to attend school during the just completed school year even as work on the new gymnasium, music rooms and sports fields has continued.

Capaldo provided a construction update for the Permanent Building Committee at their meeting last night at Town Hall.

Capaldo said that paving of roadways and sidewalks scheduled to take place tomorrow has been delayed by the paving contractor until later this week. The work will include paving of the main roadway into the site from Main Street as well as bus parking areas, sidewalks and another driveway running along the side of the Americal Civic Center.

“Flush out” of the recently completed gym and music rooms will take place in mid-July, Capaldo said. (Flush out is a process to force air through a building just prior to occupancy to remove some of the pollutants and volatile organic compounds or VOC’s that can seep from newly installed components, fresh paint, materials, finishes and furnishings.)

Capaldo said that installation of the bleachers in the new gym was finished yesterday and remaining work in the gym would be completed in a matter of days.

There was some question as to whether purchase and installation the music lockers were BOND’s responsibility or were part of a separate furniture, furnishings and equipment budget. Both BOND and Lynn Stapleton of the town’s project management firm Joslin, Lesser & Associates will be looking into that matter.

Published in the June 30, 2015 edition