WAKEFIELD — Of the original $73,960,309 budgeted for the new Galvin Middle School, $63,701,144 (86 percent) has been spent to date, leaving $10,259,165 remaining. Lynn Stapleton of owner’s project manager Joslin, Lesser & Associates provided the financial update last night as the Permanent Building Committee (PBC) met in Room 129 at the Galvin.

Stapleton also reviewed the amount remaining in contingency funds. The contingency balance was $63,922, she said, significantly less than the “rule of thumb” that recommends that at minimum an amount equal to 1.5 percent of construction balance be held in contingency.

But Stapleton stressed that the $63,922 figure was extremely conservative, noting that there was additional money in other line items that may not be spent. She indicated that the conservative figure was a way of re-enforcing the need to be careful with the budget as the project winds down.

The PBC also got a construction update from Dave Capaldo, a project manager for Bond Brothers.

Over the recent school vacation, Bond was able to clear up a lot of punch list items and reduce that list considerably, Capaldo told the committee.

As to ongoing exterior work, he reported that the mason will be finishing up the veneer today. Turf for the new fields is due to be delivered, he said, and installation of the turf is set to begin next Thursday and will take about two weeks.

Moving to the interior of the building, Capaldo said that the new gym is about 50 percent painted. The gym equipment was delivered yesterday and installation of the equipment will begin early next week. The locker rooms are basically complete, Capaldo reported.

The new music classrooms are mostly painted and ready for ceilings, he said. The flooring contractor will begin next week with the north side classrooms and then move back toward the south.

PBC member Chip Tarbell provided an update on the skateboard park planned near the southeast end of the site. He confirmed that the cost to build the skateboard park will be just about equal to the savings realized by not trucking of a quantity of soil on the site that will now be used in the skate park area.

Tarbell acknowledged that the ability to do that was in significant part due to Tappe Associates and Bond Brothers being willing to contribute a lot of work at no charge.

The PBC approved the transfer of $19,800 from the Owner’s Contingency fund to pay for design work and other elements of the skateboard park. Chris Blessen of design firm Tappe Associates is putting together a proposal seeking quotes for the concrete work and skate park equipment.

The PBC also paid a total of $944,896.91 in Galvin-related invoices last night, including $813,587.27 to Bond Brothers for construction services. Another $56,415.63 was paid to design firm Tappe Associates. The PBC approved $53,000 to pay Joslin Lesser & Associates for construction contract administration.

A total of $11,150 was paid to Inter-NMS for computer equipment and another $533.62 was paid to Gopher for computer equipment.

The committee OK’d $1,615 to be paid to Wayne Alarm.

Another $692 was paid to Briggs Engineering and Testing.

Creative Office Pavilion was paid $475 for furniture, fixtures and equipment and $18.59 was paid to My Door Sign for signs.

The Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department was paid $3,966.34.


Chairman Joseph Bertrand informed the committee that a bid will go out next week seeking a consultant to perform an “existing conditions report” for Wakefield Memorial High School. Bertrand said that the report is an attempt to get a handle on conditions at the school in advance of going to the Massachusetts School Building Authority for a feasibility study.

The Permanent Building Committee scheduled its next meeting for May 28 at 7 p.m. at the Galvin Middle School.