WAKEFIELD — Thursday, June 25 has been established as the last day of school for academic year 2014-2015, and Dr. Zrike hopes that date will remain on the books. But it could change, depending on whether more storms result in school being called off.

School last Tuesday was not in session, raising the number of days lost this winter season to six.

At last week’s school board meeting, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Stephen K. Zrike said snow removal from sidewalks and roadways still had to be done but overall workers from the Department of Public Works and school custodians have done a good job.

“We’re monitoring the roofs of school buildings,” said Zrike in reference to snow accumulation during the region’s recent storms. Over the weekend, an additional 18 inches of fresh snow fell.

“As of right now, we’re OK,” said Zrike. “I hope we don’t end up having discussions like other communities are having.”

Some school districts that have been heavily affected by the storms were considering the elimination of February and April vacations and opting instead for one week off in March.


The student spotlight would have shone on Suzanne Hall’s grade 3 class at last week’s school board meeting but, due to school not being in session, she and students were unable to attend.

Hall recently received a thank you letter from Cheryl Lussier Poppe, superintendent of the Executive Office of Health and Human Services at the Soldier’s Home in Chelsea, for the “generous donation of toiletries and cards” from Hall’s students.

The donations were distributed to veterans who live there.


As a courtesy, school board members were asked for permission to use the parking lot at the Galvin Middle School to hold its annual carnival fundraiser during April vacation. Proceeds from the carnival will be applied to expenses associated with the town’s Independence Day Parade.

While using the parking lot, there will be no equipment for the carnival on the new turf fields, according to Patrick Sullivan, chairman of the Parade.

“The driveway to the school will remain clear and we will work with the School Department in order to address any security and safety concerns that may come up,” Sullivan wrote in a letter to Town Administrator Stephen P. Maio and Zrike.

“This fundraiser is key to the success of the Parade as it constitutes approximately 15 percent of our yearly income.”

Members voted unanimously to grant permission to Sullivan and members of the Independence Day Parade committee.