Published in the May 16, 2016 edition.

WAKEFIELD — Within a 10-minute timeframe on Friday, police responded to two different calls in two different areas of town. In both incidents, summonses were issued.

The first was reported at 7:40 p.m. when the manager of a group home on Pleasant Street notified police that a client was out of control. The manager said that the client was restrained on the front porch. Malicious damage was noted on a motor vehicle and the client was charged with disorderly conduct. The client, a 30-year-old man, was taken to Melrose-Wakefield Hospital for treatment. Patrol Officer Ryan Doran and Sgt. Jonathan Burnham responded.

The second incident took place at 7:51 p.m. at the intersection of North Avenue and Beacon Street where a 24-year-old man from Wakefield was discovered driving a gray 2006 Hummer without a license plate attached. Patrol Officer Matthew Powers said that the driver was headed south on North Avenue just before he was stopped. The driver was charged with operating a motor vehicle without a license, not meeting Registry of Motor Vehicle standards, not having in his possession a valid registration and having his registration suspended/revoked.

Both people will be summonsed to court sometime this week.

The Daily Item does not publish the names of people police say they plan to summons to court.


In other police news over the weekend, beginning Friday:

• State police were called to a crash scene at the Rte. 129 rotary just after 7:30 a.m.

• At the small cut-through on Vernon Street, a minor accident between a 2005 Toyota and 2009 parked Ford was reported at 11 a.m. The passenger side mirror on the Toyota sustained minor damage. The Ford was reported as being owned by the town.

• A disturbance in a Bartley Street parking lot was reported just before 5 p.m. The people involved were sent on their way.

• Police notified Animal Control Officer Ken Stache that a neighbor’s dog on Harwick Road got loose and went after a girl. Injuries were not reported.

• Cable wires were reported down at the intersection of Lowell and Vernon streets near the Shell Gas Station just before 6 p.m. The Wakefield Municipal Gas and Light Department was notified.

• State Police were notified about a two-car crash in the Rte. 129 rotary at about 7:10 p.m. There were no injuries.

• Police went to the intersection of Albion and Foundry streets just after 11 p.m. when they were notified about a one-car accident. A woman said to be pregnant and driving a 2009 gray Toyota Camry was reportedly treated at the scene by EMTs from Action Ambulance.


On Saturday:

• A Lynn woman was arrested on charges of operating a motor vehicle (black 2007 Acura) while under the influence of alcohol at about 1:30 a.m. at the intersection of Water and Farm streets. Pamela L. Kennedy, 44, 295 Lynn Shore Dr., #704 allegedly rear-ended the vehicle in front of her. She was also charged with possession of open containers of alcohol (nips containing vodka). Patrol Officer Shaun Conway was the arresting officer. Kennedy was due to answer to charges in Malden District Court today.

• Police gave assistance to Saugus police when an altercation was reported on Lynn Fells Parkway at 2:20 a.m.

• Police received a report at about 5:30 a.m. when a man described as having brown hair, dark pants and shirt and sporting a scruffy beard was seen coming from the rear of a home on Nahant Street. The suspect was located on North Avenue a few minutes after the call. Police learned that he had been involved in a domestic incident and read him his rights.

• A minor car crash was reported on Main Street just before noon. Two people involved in an argument over what caused the accident were sent on their way after police restored order.

• Two motor vehicle accidents took place within minutes of each other between noon and 1 p.m. The first happened at the intersection of Main and Water streets at 12:41 p.m. The second took place at the intersection of Broadway and Lake Street at 12:54 p.m. A third accident occurred on North Avenue at 1:49 p.m. Police said all three were minor accidents. Papers were exchanged.

• A physical fight at the intersection of Main and Richardson streets was reported at about 7:30 p.m. A suspect was observed wearing a white shirt and having facial hair and tattoos on his arms. The victim declined to be treated medically. Patrol Officers John Whaley and Geoffrey Ereksen responded to the scene.

• Papers were exchanged on Crescent Street following a parked car being struck at 8:30 p.m.

• A Penfield Circle resident called police to report that a group of youths was yelling outside of his home. The youths were spoken to and they agreed to quiet down for the remainder of the evening. A similar incident on Aldrich Road was reported at 11:35 p.m. when youths were reportedly ringing people’s doorbells, driving around and causing a disturbance.


On Sunday:

• Loud music on Preston Street was reported at about 1 a.m. Police resolved the matter.

• A caller reported that a person on Crescent Street was causing a disturbance just after 7:30 a.m.

• Wires were reported down at the intersection of Humphrey and Main streets at 12:02 p.m. A hanging wire was reported at 12:21 at the intersection of Emerson and Gould streets. The Wakefield Municipal Gas and Light Department was notified about both matters.

• A caller reported that an MBTA gate at Prospect Street and North Avenue was knocked down.

• A citation was issued to one driver following a motor vehicle accident that involved a 2007 Harley Davidson and 2002 Toyota at the intersection of Water and Cyrus streets. The incident was reported at 2:24 p.m.


Fire Chief Michael Sullivan reports conditions are dry around town, which he said contributed to a mulch fire yesterday afternoon on Audubon Road.

Firefighters put out the fire at 7 Audubon Rd. after receiving a call around 3:40 p.m. Officials said a discarded cigarette was the cause.


At 9 last night firefighters went to a Chestnut Street home on a call of unauthorized burning and extinguished a small campfire.


Around 10 a.m. Saturday firefighters and other first responders went to Route 128 northbound near Exit 42 (Salem Street) to help a motorcyclist who reportedly had been cut off in traffic and forced to dump his bike. He was taken to Lahey Clinic to be treated for unspecified injuries.


Firefighters answered 32 calls over the weekend, 19 of which were related to medical aid. Others included accidental fire alarm system activations or malfunctions.