MOVING ON FROM THE Huckleberry Hill School is always an important deal and this year’s event featured a musical interlude. (Dan Tomasello Photo)





LYNNFIELD — Ninety-eight Huckleberry Hill School fourth-graders’ academic achievements were recently celebrated during the annual moving on ceremony in the all-purpose room.

The theme of the ceremony was “In Our Huckleberry Hill Era.” The ceremony began with music teacher Kerrie Fraser leading the fourth-graders during performances of the songs “The Light of Freedom” by Lois Brownsey and “School Story,” which was a reworked version of “Love Story” by Taylor Swift. Fourth-graders Nicholas DiStefano, Sebastian Hansen, Amy Li, Kexin Li, Gianna Mwangi, Leo Souto and Violet Tanaglia played recorders during the musical performance.

The moving on ceremony’s attendees gave the fourth-graders a standing ovation.

Huckleberry Hill School Principal Melissa Wyland welcomed the 98 fourth-graders, families, educators and school officials to the ceremony.

“Congratulations fourth-graders for moving on,” said Wyland. “It really does feel like just yesterday you were starting kindergarten and now you are gearing up for middle school. Time truly flies when you are having fun.”

The fourth-graders gave Huckleberry Hill’s teachers and staff a round of applause to thank them for guiding them over their elementary school years. The students also turned around and thanked their families for their love and support.

Wyland, who is retiring at the end of June, said the fourth-graders will always “hold a very special place in my heart.”

“You embarked on your kindergarten journey when I began my tenure as principal,” said Wyland. “We are now moving on from Huckleberry Hill School together. Even though our days at Huckleberry are coming to a close, remember Huckleberry Hill School will always be family and will forever be a home away from home. The HHS teachers, staff and I couldn’t be prouder of you. It has been a joy to witness your resilience in the face of challenges, your kindness to others, your bravery in new situations and being role models for the younger students. You have learned and grown together, giving your best effort every day.”

Wyland said she hopes the fourth-graders will “always treasure the relationships and memories” they made during their tenure at Huckleberry Hill School.

“And to our families and staff, your unwavering support and dedication have been instrumental in our students’ success,” said Wyland. “We are truly grateful for all that you have done.”

Wyland reminded the fourth-graders that, “It does not take super powers to save someone’s day.”

“Believe in yourself because we believe in all of you,” said Wyland. “You have the power to make a difference in this world. Embrace what makes you unique, and celebrate and learn from the differences around you. Be kind, give your best effort and I know greatness will follow. It has been an honor to share this journey with each of you. The middle school is so lucky to have you. We eagerly await hearing about the adventures that will come. Thank you for being such as wonderful group of Huckleberry Heroes and bringing joy to our days. We loved having you at HHS, and I truly loved being your principal. We will miss you.”

The ceremony’s attendees gave Wyland a thunderous round of applause.

After Wyland concluded her remarks, fourth grade teachers Katherine Bider, Sandra Olsen, Paula Smart, Debra Tracy and Kaitlin Zampitella presented certificates to the 98 students.

Families, educators, staff and school officials gave the fourth-graders a thunderous round of applause after they received their certificates.

Similar to previous years, the Huckleberry Hill moving on video was shown. The video included baby pictures and current pictures of the fourth-graders. The students also answered questions such as what do they want be when they grow up and what was their favorite Huckleberry Hill School memory.

Wyland thanked the Huckleberry Hill Moving On Committee for organizing an “amazing” ceremony for the fourth-graders.

Moving on

The fourth-graders from Katherine Bider’s class who moved on from Huckleberry Hill were Katherine Abrego, Macie Bryant, Ayla Caldwell, Anthony DeLeo, Zah’ryi Dixon, Sebastian Hansen, Vihaan Joglekar, Addison Kadera, Bella Kirkiris, Amy Li, Skylar Louissaint, Owen Moreira, Charles O’Connell, Thomas Palladino, Sebastian Rodriguez, Jace Roy, Leah Steer, Kathy Tran and Julia Westcott.

The fourth-graders from Heather Clavin/Sandra Olsen’s class who moved on from Huckleberry Hill School were Marco Bevilacqua, Matthew Cavallo, Lucas Heintz, Meyli Kao, Sofia Monteiro Azar, Gianna Mwangi, Brooke Nickerson, David Pumariega, Zariyan Raga, Madeline Reilly, Monroe Richardson, Cooper Smith, Soraya Soto, Riley Sweeney, Emma Tran, Mason Unger, Davi Velasco, Leila Vu and Vinny Zheng.

The fourth-graders from Paula Smart’s class who moved on from Huckleberry Hill were Gavin Band, Isla Boucher, Madison Cabral, Blake Chiulli, Emma Circe, Joseph Correia, Graziana Desiderio, Poppy Ervin, William Goodemote, Sophia Green, Landon Kadera, Maxwell Lawler, Owen Ody, Ella Prokosch, Osiris Santana, Ryan Skeffington, Shane Steiner, Christopher Touchette and Eloise Wang.

The fourth-graders from Debra Tracy’s class who moved on from Huckleberry Hill were Levi Allien, Marianna Andreottola, Lucas Anthony-Price, Mya Band, Shauna Bates, Emilia Bello, Caroline Callahan, Ruby Curtis, Ayla Davis, Elle Ferguson, Elise Geary, Colin Hegarty, Kexin Li, Caroline Manes, Peyton McShane, Owen Noumi, Aiden Rebelo, Nathan String, Samara Weisenfeld and Rohan Yeruva.

The fourth-graders from Kaitlin Zampitella’s class who moved on from Huckleberry Hill were Bella Chen, Dylan Delory, Henry DiBlasi, Nicholas DiStefano, Keisy Duka, Brooke Gemmell, Laila Katadzic, Zayd Limen, Julia McCormack, Makenzie McNulty, Hadleigh Monaghan, Michael Muniz, Olivia Noumi, Zishan Rabbani, Avery Rebelo, Omar Saab, Almara Sejdinovic, Leonardo Souto, Violet Tenaglia and Asil Toqi.