THE SELECT BOARD unanimously voted on Monday to appoint Nick Secatore (center) as police chief. From left, Town Administrator Rob Dolan, Select Board Chairman Dick Dalton, Jen Secatore, Chief Secatore, Select Board member Phil Crawford and Select Board member Joe Connell. (Dan Tomasello Photo)



LYNNFIELD — A familiar face will be serving as the town’s police chief for years to come.

The Select Board unanimously voted on Monday to ratify Town Administrator Rob Dolan’s recommendation that Acting Police Chief Nick Secatore be appointed as the Police Department’s permanent chief in front of a standing-room only crowd at the Al Merritt Media and Cultural Center. Secatore has been serving as acting police chief since February, and succeeds retired Chief David Breen.

Select Board Chairman Dick Dalton noted that Secatore was one of three Lynnfield Police Officers who participated in an assessment center process overseen by RMA Associates under the supervision of the Civil Service Unit of the Massachusetts Human Resources Division.

“Based on the candidates’ performance in the assessment center’s process as well as education and experience points, a ranked list of candidates was provided to the town,” said Dalton. “The top scorer on that list was Acting Police Chief Nicholas Secatore.”

Dalton said he has known Secatore since he was a young boy growing up in town.

“This evening gives me a great deal of satisfaction on a personal level to witness what Nick has done with his life and career,” said Dalton. “He has accomplished so much as a son, husband, father and is now the town’s police chief.”

Dalton recalled that Secatore graduated from Lynnfield High School in 1997. Before joining the Lynnfield Police Department in 2007, Secatore worked as a financial analyst for Fidelity Investments. He earned a mathematics degree from Merrimack College. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1997-2005.

“Nick was promoted to police sergeant in 2014 and was promoted to captain in 2020,” said Dalton. “He has served as the department’s Information Technology officer, court prosecutor, detective supervisor, training supervisor and is the town’s deputy emergency management director. He is trained in many areas of policing, including criminal law, investigations, budgeting, supervision and executive administration.”

Dalton also noted that Secatore has a history of volunteering in town in addition to serving as a police officer. He said Secatore served as the Lynnfield-North Reading co-operative wrestling team’s assistant coach from 2012-2019, and coached Lynnfield Youth Wrestling from 2000 to 2012. Dalton said Secatore served as Veterans’ Services Officer from 2009 to 2014, and is a current member of the War Memorial Committee.

“We all knew that Nick was very capable and very committed to the Lynnfield Police Department and the community as a whole,” said Dalton. “But in his time as acting chief, Nick proved to this board, the town administrator and all of those who dealt with him professionally that he was the right man for the job. We were afforded the opportunity to see him demonstrate his broad skillset on a daily basis. And needless to say, Nick passed every test with flying colors.”

Dalton said Secatore’s appointment is “a decision that will impact the community for years to come.”

“The role of a police chief has been evolving in recent times, and is certainly more challenging than ever before,” said Dalton. “Nick possesses the attitude and the temperament that will position him for success as a leader in law enforcement.”

Select Board member Phil Crawford echoed Dalton’s point of view.

“I have known Nick for a long time, and I couldn’t be prouder,” said Crawford. “I am happy to agree to this appointment, and I wish Nick all the best.”

Select Board member Joe Connell said Secatore’s “moral fabric and character” make him the right person to serve as Lynnfield’s police chief.

“Nick is quite simply the best candidate for this job,” said Connell. “I am so proud that he is becoming police chief.”

Dalton also said Breen endorsed Secatore’s appointment as police chief.

“He is so happy that Nick is being appointed chief,” said Dalton. “He thinks the town is in great hands.”

After the Select Board unanimously voted to ratify Dolan’s recommendation that Secatore be appointed police chief, the standing-room only crowd comprised of family members, current and retired police officers, and former wrestlers gave the new chief a standing ovation.

Secatore thanked the Select Board and the Lynnfield Police Department’s current and retired officers for supporting his appointment.

“It’s overwhelming to be considered and appointed for the job,” said Secatore. “It’s overwhelming because I want to do a good job for the town and for the people that I serve: The citizenry and members of the department.”

Secatore said the Police Department has begun taking the initial steps of implementing the police reform bill that Gov. Charlie Baker signed into law last year.

“We have engaged with the Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission that has been established,” said Secatore. “We have made all of our deliverables that we said we would make. We have done our commitments thus far, but that is not the end. It is the beginning. This is a new process and a new way to policing.”

Secatore will be bringing recommendations about appointing the next police captain along with a new patrolman during a future Select Board meeting.

“We are going to continue to be community-orientated and a department that focuses on community policing,” Secatore continued. “We have a long history and legacy to continue.”

After Secatore concluded his remarks, he was given a round of applause.