AMERICAN LEGION POST 131 recently conducted a flag disposal ceremony. From left, Post 131 Adjutant Chuck Leach, Post 131 Commander Tom Bogart, WIN Waste Operationss Tech Ben Hayes and Plant Manager Len Chesley.


LYNNFIELD — In honor of Flag Day, members of American Legion Post 131 recently conducted a flag disposal ceremony.

After collecting discarded and unserviceable flags at various drop boxes in town over the past year, Lynnfield Post Commander Tom Bogart and Post 131 Adjutant Chuck Leach traveled to the WIN Waste Innovations, Inc’s. waste-to-energy facility in North Andover, to have the flags honorably destroyed.

The United States Flag Code enacted in 1923 set the rules for the proper use, display and disposal of the American flag. According to the code, “when a flag is in such condition it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, it should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.”


AMERICAN LEGION POST 131 Adjutant Chuck Leach wheels in a cart full of unserviceable flags at the WIN Waste Innovations plant in North Andover.


“We have been collecting flags that were dropped off in the specially built Flag Boxes at Town Hall and other locations over the past year or so,” said Bogart. “With the help of Brett Potter of the Department of Public Works, we stored these flags in their yard and at the Forest Hill Cemetery. We collected dozens of bags full and we needed to arrange for a large-scale disposal. That’s when WIN Waste Innovations offered their assistance. We found out about their policy to help veterans’ groups and others to dispose of the flags at no cost at WIN Waste’s plant. Chuck Leach and I loaded up my trailer and traveled to North Andover.”

Bogart said American Legion Post 131 would like to thank Lynnfield Veterans Services Officer Bruce Siegel for his assistance on the project.

“We would also like to recognize Boy Scout Troop 48 of Lynnfield for their help as well,” said Bogart.