Published November 11, 2020


LYNNFIELD — A local developer is looking to construct a new subdivision off of Lowell Street.

Atty. Jay Kimball said during a recent Planning Board meeting that local resident Linda Vallis and developer Paul Caggiano have a purchase-and-sale agreement for the 109 Lowell St. property. He said the property would consist of seven lots on 11.5 acres of land. Under the proposal, five new homes would be built, an existing home on the property will be staying put and another lot will not be developed for the time being.

“Out of the seven lots, five are in the Residence C Zoning District, requiring 40,000-square feet of land area and 180-feet of frontage,” said Kimball. “The two lots at the rear of the property are in the Residence D District, requiring 16,000-square feet and 210-feet of frontage. All of the lots comply with square feet and frontage requirements.”

Hayes Engineering President Peter Ogren recalled that the Vallis’ property has been considered for development in the past. He said a definitive plan for the property was developed 20 years ago, but said Vallis decided against moving forward with that project.

“Linda has been considering developing it ever since,” said Ogren. “She has finally decided to do that and has signed a purchase-and-sale agreement with the developer.”

Ogren said the proposed new subdivision would be located near Pocahontas Way and Smith Farm Trail.

“The plan that has been worked out is Linda will be holding onto lots one and two,” said Ogren. “The remaining five lots would be developed by the developer after the roadway is built.”

While Ogren said the development team was considering submitting a definitive plan for the proposed new subdivision, he said the team decided to submit a preliminary plan before October Town Meeting was slated to discuss the proposed Tree Protection and Open Space and Residential Design (OSRD) Bylaws. Fall Town Meeting voted to indefinitely postpone both bylaws.

“I think pursuit of a preliminary plan is somewhat moot at this point,” said Ogren. “We would like to go back to our original proposal to pursue a definitive plan.”

Ogren said the development team wanted feedback from the Planning Board before a definitive plan is submitted to the town.

Planning Board Chairman Brian Charville inquired if lot two would be a buildable lot in the future even though Vallis is planning on not developing it at this point.

Ogren said yes.

Planning Board member Kate Flaws asked if Caggiano will be seeking a waiver request in order to extend the length of the proposed development’s roadway.

Ogren said a waiver would be needed because the roadway would be 950-feet long.

“It would be considerably shorter than a number of dead ends that have been allowed in town,” said Ogren.

Planning Board Vice Chairman Michael Sheehan suggested that the development team reach out to the Fire Department in order to have fire officials weigh-in about the proposed street’s length.

Ogren said the development team is willing to discuss the project with the Fire Department.

Flaws said she did not see a reason why the roadway would need to be extended.

“The areas closer to the road are fully developable,” said Flaws. “There is no stone outcropping and there is no wetlands closer to the road. There is not really a compelling reason under the bylaw to grant that waiver.”

Charville noted that the proposed development would be “a long rectangular parcel tucked between long rectangular parcels.”

Ogren agreed.

“It’s unlikely there is any other way to access it,” said Ogren.

Planning and Conservation Director Emilie Cademartori inquired if the roadway could have an “S-shaped curve” in order reduce the number of grading that would be needed.

Ogren said he would speak with Caggiano about the proposal.

The development team wants to protect as many trees as possible in the planning process, Ogren said.

“The way we have laid out the houses and septic systems would preserve a lot of the treescape that is out there,” said Ogren.

Flaws asked if Caggiano would “try to honor” the Planning Board’s goal of having a tree buffer that would be located on lot lines. Tree buffers were included in the Tree Protection Bylaw.

Ogren said the development team would look into the request. He recalled that he worked with other developers that have preserved trees in town.

In response to a question from Cademartori, Ogren said sidewalks would be constructed on both sides of the roadway.

The Planning Board will continue discussing the proposed Lowell Street subdivision on Wednesday, Nov. 18.