LYNNFIELD — The Council on Aging Board of Directors has a new member.

The Select Board unanimously voted to appoint Hutchins Circle resident Anne Leskiw to the Council on Aging Board of Directors during a Feb. 14 meeting. She succeeds former Council on Aging Board of Directors member Rich Sjoberg.

Leskiw said she moved to town in 2017 after her late husband passed away.

“I am deeply honored to apply for the position with the Council on Aging,” said Leskiw. “After experiencing the loss of my husband, I made the decision to move to Lynnfield to be closer to my family. During that period of transition, my daughter encouraged me to join the Senior Center. It was one of the best decisions I have made.”

Leskiw stated in a letter sent to Town Administrator Rob Dolan that she has been active in a number of classes at the Senior Center such as tap dancing, jazz, yoga, cheerleading and strength and balance.

“I have participated in wonderful trips organized by the center,” added Leskiw during the Select Board’s meeting. “These experiences have not only enriched my life, they have given me a deeper appreciation for the role the Council on Aging plays in our community. I am filled with gratitude for the sense of belonging and support that I have found at the Senior Center. It’s a place where I made new friends, discovered new interests and felt valued and respected.”

Leskiw said she is “eager to give back and contribute to the continued success of this invaluable resource for our seniors.”

“Over the past 12 months, I have had the privilege of sitting in on board meetings, gaining valuable insights into their workings,” said Leskiw. “My personal experience and dedication to the cause have prepared me to make a meaningful contribution to the board’s efforts in enhancing the quality of life for our seniors.”

Leskiw thanked the Select Board for considering her appointment to the Council on Aging Board of Directors.

“I am excited about the possibility of serving on the Council on Aging board and working alongside fellow members to make a positive impact and enhancing the quality of life for our seniors,” said Leskiw.

Select Board member Dick Dalton commended Leskiw’s “enthusiasm” for joining the Council on Aging Board of Directors.

“I think being enthusiastic about what you are working on makes you a good board member,” said Dalton. “I was impressed by the fact that you have invested time by attending board meetings. I think you are well prepared to step up and serve. Thank you for volunteering.”

Select Board member Phil Crawford agreed.

“You are fully engaged with the center,” said Crawford. “It’s obviously a passion of yours to help them. I appreciate you for stepping forward and donating your time and your expertise. I think you are a great fit.”

Select Board Chair Joe Connell concurred with his colleagues’ viewpoints.

“You have certainly done your homework by going to these meetings,” said Connell. “We are very fortunate in Lynnfield to have people step up and sit on our boards and committees. We are very lucky in this town to have so many people do the things that they do such as yourself. Thank you.”

After the discussion, the Select Board unanimously voted to appoint Leskiw to the Council on Aging Board of Directors. Her term will expire on June 30, 2025.

“Congratulations,” said Connell.

Leskiw thanked the Select Board thanked for appointing her to the COA board.

“This means a lot to me,” said Leskiw.

Liquor license OK’d

The Select Board approved a wine and malt liquor license for Soi 8 and Sushi Ike, 335 Market St.

Atty. Tim Doyle said William Cong owns Soi 8 and Sushi Ike and its parent company, Thai Eight, LLC.

“The restaurant has been operating since May 2023,” said Doyle. “Mr. Cong is the manager of Thai Eight, LLC and will also be the restaurant’s manager. He will be present at the restaurant. Mr. Cong has been in the restaurant and hospitality industry since 2004.”

Doyle said Cong owns two establishments in Rhode Island and four in Massachusetts. He said Soi 8 and Sushi Ike seats 34 people and has outdoor seating during the spring, summer and fall.

“The restaurant’s total occupancy number is 62 patrons,” said Doyle. “That is a combination of takeout service, which is more of the Thai and Asian cuisine. The opposite side of the restaurant is sushi-style that has tabletop seating with the preparation of sushi in front of the patron.”

In response to a question from Dalton, Doyle said Soi 8 and Sushi Ike opened with no wine and malt license last May.

“It was on the table,” said Doyle. “They had a water leak at the restaurant that set them back a little bit. It took us some time to get them back up to speed and getting around to securing the beer and wine license.”

Crawford urged Cong to make sure patrons are not over-served alcohol at the restaurant.

“I want you to be cognizant of that and making sure all of your staff is trained properly,” said Crawford.

After the discussion, the Select Board unanimously approved the wine and malt license for Soi 8 and Sushi Ike.

“Congratulations,” said Connell.

Lively license approved

The Select Board approved Lynnfield Commons resident Ekrem Tatildil’s request for a livery license.

Tatildil and his wife moved to the United States from Turkey 11 months ago. He has worked for a limousine company for almost 10 months, and is now looking to start his own business.