LYNNFIELD — Town Administrator Rob Dolan is staying in Lynnfield for the long-term.

The Select Board unanimously voted to extend Dolan’s contract on Jan. 24. Dolan, who served as Melrose’s mayor for 16 years, began his tenure as Lynnfield’s top municipal official in February 2018. He succeeded former Town Administrator Jim Boudreau, who left Lynnfield in December 2017 after accepting a similar position in Scituate.

Select Board Chairman Dick Dalton said the proposed two-year extension would extend Dolan’s tenure as Lynnfield’s town administrator until February 2024.

“A two-year extension is the maximum the board can do under the Town Charter,” said Dalton. “It will provide the town administrator with a 2 percent pay increase annually, which is in line with what is budgeted for town employees annually.”

Dolan informed the Villager that the 2 percent raise increased his salary from $176,461 to $182,214.

Select Board member Phil Crawford expressed his support for extending Dolan’s contract.

“I think Rob has done an exceptional job as town administrator, particularly during COVID,” said Crawford. “I can’t think of any reason why we wouldn’t move forward with this extension. If I could extend Rob’s contract by three years, I would.”

Select Board member Joe Connell said he has enjoyed working with Dolan while serving on the board in addition to the Strategic Planning Committee and War Memorial Committee.

“It has been an absolute pleasure,” said Connell. “It’s amazing what this town has accomplished through Rob’s supervision and expertise. I have friends who believe Lynnfield stole him from Melrose. That’s okay because that is what good towns do. I couldn’t be happier that we are moving forward with extending Rob’s contract.”

After the discussion, the Select Board voted to extend Dolan’s contract through February 2024.

“Congratulations Rob,” said Dalton. “Thank you for all that you do and will continue to do.”

Dolan thanked the Select Board for extending the pact in an email sent to the Villager.

“I thank the Select Board for their vote of confidence,” said Dolan. “I am honored to work for the town of Lynnfield, and I am very excited about the future. The Select Board has set bold goals that focus on needed infrastructure improvements for schools, public safety and the library, as well as energy efficiency upgrades throughout all municipal buildings to save tax dollars. There is a focus on responsible development and planning as well as open space preservation that protects quality of life. The national award that the town received as well as an independent review from Standard and Poor’s that gave Lynnfield an excellent bond rating and positive outlook demonstrates the Select Board’s call for strong long-term and transparent budgeting.

“This success is not about the town administrator,” Dolan continued. “It is about the formation of a team that includes every volunteer that serves on a board or commission, led by the Select Board. The team includes every town employee and manager, the business community, houses of worship, every citizen that participates at Town Meeting and the residents who volunteer whether as a coach or with a PTO.”

Dolan said he has enjoyed working with the town’s leadership team, particularly Assistant Town Administrator Bob Curtin, whom he called “a steadfast presence and leader in the community.”

“I believe in local government because it is a level of government that has the most direct impact, it is the most accountable and it allows you to work with a team,” said Dolan. “It’s a team that, unlike some other levels of government, can get things done for the citizens of this great town.”