SUMMER STREET SCHOOL fourth graders throw their mortarboards into the air at the conclusion of the recent moving on ceremony. (Dan Tomasello Photo)






LYNNFIELD — Seventy-five fourth graders recently bid farewell to Summer Street School during the annual moving on ceremony.

The moving on ceremony took place at the softball field complex behind Summer Street School for the fourth straight year. The ceremony, whose theme was “Growing Up,” featured a large crowd of students, families, educators and school officials. The Summer Street PTO once again rented a stage and a big screen projector for the ceremony.

Summer Street Principal Karen Cronin welcomed students, families and educators to the moving on ceremony.

“This is truly a special day, as you are ending your days at Summer Street School,” said Cronin. “It’s important to take a moment to celebrate all that you have accomplished and experienced.”

Cronin thanked Summer Street’s faculty and staff for guiding the fourth graders over the past five years. She also thanked the fourth graders’ families for supporting their children academically and socially during their time at Summer Street.

“Your families have been and will continue to be your best supporters,” said Cronin to the fourth graders. “They will do everything they can to make sure you are happy and successful.”

The students gave their families a round of applause.

Cronin asked a group of Student Council members to give a yellow carnation to each of the Summer Street School families who are also moving on to middle school.

“Your partnership and connection are valued not just by me, but also by our entire staff,” said Cronin. “While we may no longer be working together, please know that we will forever care about your child and your family.”

Cronin told the 75 fourth graders they are “going to love” being in fifth grade at Lynnfield Middle School.

“It will be different,” said Cronin. “It’s a new space with a lot more kids. There are new teachers and there will be new systems to learn, and a new time to wake up. There will be new responsibilities and new types of assignments, and you will have a locker. But so much will stay the same. You will learn new things, you will work with letters and numbers, you will play with your friends and you will have fun. You are ready. You have everything that you need to be successful in fifth grade. You have taken MCAS, you have performed music, you have constructed a carnival out of cardboard, have done homework, have made friends, learned to solve problems, rocked field day and you learned to support your classmates. You know how to be kind, you know how to work hard and you know how to have fun. That is really all you need to know in middle school and, quite frankly, it’s really all you need to know in life.”

Cronin told the fourth-graders that Summer Street School’s faculty and staff “will always be in your corner.”

“Fourth graders, you have made it,” said Cronin. “Congratulations and make sure you come back and tell us all about all of your adventures.”

After Cronin concluded her remarks, Summer Street music teacher Benjamin Zavisza led the fourth-graders in a musical performance of “Alone” by Ava Max and “Neon Lights” by Demi Lovato.

The ceremony’s attendees gave the 75 fourth-graders a round of applause.

After the musical performance concluded, fourth grade teachers Patricia Heldenbergh, Nicole Kinney, Lila Koulalis and Kristine Percoskie presented certificates to the students with the assistance of Cronin. The fourth graders were given a round of applause after they received their certificates.

Moving On Committee tri-chair Amie Geary announced that the class gift will be new custom signage for the front of the Summer Street School as well as a plaque. She also thanked Summer Street’s faculty and staff for their “dedication and love shown to each and every student throughout the school year.”

“We really appreciate all that you do,” said Geary.

Attendees watched the moving on video, which included baby pictures and current pictures of the fourth graders as well as photos and videos of this past school year and previous years. The video also paid tribute to Percoskie, who retired at the end of the academic year after serving Lynnfield students since 1996.

After the video concluded, the fourth graders threw their mortarboards in the air to officially mark the end of their Summer Street School tenure.

Moving on

The fourth graders who moved on from Summer Street School were Najwa Abdullahi Amin, Caiden Porter Beebe, Michael Christopher Burns, Siena Katherine Coccoluto, Luke Scott Ellison, Amelia James Giardina, Kiera Avery Kenneally, Mark Nikola Lazich, Mackenzie Grace Looby, John James McBride, Luca Albert Mozzetta, Maverick Anselm Murphy, Mia Rose Muse, Luke Gregory Provanzano, Ayva Rai Quilty, Andrew Charles Rystrom, Emily Linda Swiatkowski, Grayson Richard Tremblay, Aarish Margin Vora and Olivia Taylor White.

As well as Gabriela Theresa Antonelli, Ethan Harvey Bloch, Patrick Thomas Connelly, Daniel Thomas Elliott, Theodore Nixon Ewart, Jack Dempsey Feeley, Matthew David Geary, Avery June Hill, Vito Christopher Itzkowitz, Andrew Dwayne Martins, Bryce Hope Nunley, Benjamin Robert O’Hara, Emilie Julia O’Shea, Angel Jose Protasowicki, Mackenzie Mae Sullivan, Violet Marie Tammaro and Nora Bea Witkin.

In addition to Kingston Nile Robert Anderson, Joseph James Berlinghieri, Finian Edward Charville, Benjamin Soohyun Choi, Noah Ross Cioffi, Ben Kesler Doherty, Peter Dominic Formica, Mackenzie Mae Geary, Harper Lillian Holbrook, Jacqueline Mae Ing, John James Kayola, Adelina Rose Kloack, Aiden Francis Krieger, Alexandra Gauthier Lewis, Alexander Evan Maliawco, Nico Mandell, Nina Josephine McCormick, Alivia Ann Morello and Avery Rose Scarfo.

The remaining fourth-graders who moved on from Summer Street were Sophia Marie Bennett, Clara Henrique Bressan, Kendall Mae Ciulla, Mason Charles Curran, Jianni Anthony Dimichele, Aisel Dollani, Ryan Michael Gould, Jack Paul Gryska, Benjamin William Halpern, Lorenzo Horace Incerto, Madelyn Grace Ing, Matthew Nicholas Lawler, Sarah Elizabeth Nickerson, Alexander Louis Nisenbaum, Jaxon Thomas Philbin, Connor Joseph Routhier, Elias Shafi Saiyed, Isla Marie Wolf and Colin Duggan Zuercher.