roadworkahead0716LYNNFIELD — The Department of Publics Works (DPW) is set to begin road resurfacing work on Wing Road, Strout Avenue and Mirabeau Lane on Friday, July 17.  The road work on these streets will take approximately two months to complete, weather permitting.

As with any construction project of this nature the DPW is asking for the public’s cooperation while this work is being performed. Expect some inconvenience during construction to occur, including riding on unpaved surfaces, dust and possible detours.

During construction road work will start at 7 a.m., therefore the DPW requests that all cars parked on those streets be moved off the street by that time. Access will be provided to residents’ homes during construction.

The DPW will make every effort to minimize the time that the public may be inconvenienced and thanks the public for their anticipated cooperation. Those with any questions may call the DPW office at 781-334-9500.