Published in the May 31, 2017 edition


LYNNFIELD — “Pleasantly overwhelmed” was how Selectman Dick Dalton described the response to the board’s request for members to volunteer to serve on the MarketStreet Advisory Committee (MSAC).

“I got a lot of people applying and it made it difficult to make recommendations,” he said.

The committee will hold its first meeting on June 1. The selectmen voted to designate all committee members as special municipal employees and Dalton recommended that Jennifer Bayer be appointed acting chairwoman until the board convenes and organizes itself. Members were appointed for a one year term expiring in June 2018.

The MSAC will hold its first meeting Thursday, June 1 at 7 p.m. at the Al Merritt Center at 600 MarketStreet.

After the oath of office is administered by the Town Clerk and Bayer calls for nominations and votes for chairman, vice chairman and clerk, Dalton will review the Open Meeting Law and the Board of Selectmen’s expectations for the committee.

The ambitious agenda includes an overview of areas of concern and enforcement of the design standards; a discussion about the berm and Lahey proposal; an overview of the May 21 Planning Board meeting; noise regulations (landscapers and snow removal); the facade of the proposed garage; traffic concerns, such as the ring road speed limit and “smart” traffic lights at the intersections of Market St./Walnut St. and Salem St./Walnut St.; the Wakefield exit; a traffic study with the theater in mind; and drafting a letter from the MSAC Chairperson to National Development and W.S. Development.

The meeting concludes with a public comment period.