MELROSE — Six Melrose Destination Imagination teams ranging from grades K-8 will compete March 2nd in a statewide creative showcase of STEAM-based educational projects. Destination Imagination (DI) is a nonprofit, volunteer-run organization that inspires and equips students to become innovators and leaders. Each year, DI publishes seven new STEAM Challenges. Groups of 2-7 kids of similar age form a team, choose a Central Challenge and work collaboratively over a period of several months on solutions to that challenge. Teams also practice “Instant Challenges” to learn quick thinking and teamwork. The hallmark of DI is “no interference.” Kids work completely independently on creative ideas and trial-and-error solutions to challenges. Parents do not assist with costumes, props, scripts or ideas.

Melrose fielded six teams this year in grades K-8. Our Middle Level team, managed by Adam Garland and Danielle McCarthy, will compete in the Fine Arts category. Jessica Regan’s Elementary Level team will compete in the Scientific category. Another Elementary level team, managed by Catie Nasser, Marissa Woltmann and Sarah Hahesy has taken on the Community Service Learning challenge. We also have three K-2 Early Learning teams, managed by Abigail Voegler, Fangyuan Yang, Linda Joyce, Becky Hartwell and Ali Paone who will all participate in the non-competitive Early Learning “Rising Stars” Challenge.

Our Melrose DI teams have worked hard over the last several months on these creative projects and we wish all teams a great tournament experience and best of luck. If you’d like to be notified when next season’s Destination Imagination teams are forming, email us at to be added to our Fall email newsletter.