MELROSE — The Melrose Energy Challenge, the city-run program to support and encourage energy efficiency and clean energy, invites the Melrose community to join the upcoming webinar, “Making the Most of the Inflation Reduction Act Energy Tax Credits,” designed to help residents understand what support is available to them under the Inflation Reduction Act. The webinar will take place on Wednesday, November 8, at 7 p.m. via Zoom.

The webinar will be led by City of Melrose Heat Pump Energy Coordinator Susan Murphy, who will highlight how the energy tax credits can be combined with generous Mass Save incentives to support home energy efficiency and clean energy upgrades.

“The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act is the biggest investment in energy efficiency and clean energy in history, and much of the funding is in tax credits for home energy efficiency projects, clean energy, and EVs,” said Murphy. “Maybe you’ve heard about the Inflation Reduction Act tax credits and are wondering what’s in it for me, are planning some projects and wondering what tax credits are available, or you’re looking to make the most of stacking Mass Save and IRA incentives. If any of these boxes have been ticked, then this webinar is for you!”

The webinar will cover the following topics:

· The IRA Energy Efficient Home Improvement tax credits (Section 25C) and IRS guidance on eligibility and annual limits;

· Combining Mass Save incentives with IRA tax credits;

· Tax credits for rooftop solar, battery storage, and other projects under the IRA Residential Clean Energy credit (Section 25D); and

·  Clean Vehicle tax credits (Section 30D) for purchases of qualified new and used Electric Vehicles.

To register, contact Murphy by email; use this Zoom link; or visit

For more information about the City’s programs to support energy efficiency and clean energy adoption, check out our website at

This webinar will provide general information on IRA tax credits and is not intended to answer specific questions regarding individual tax liability. Contact your tax advisor for questions regarding your individual tax situation.