Published February 1, 2019

MELROSE — Lily Polito got a lot of great presents this past Christmas. She had her wish list, like anyone, but there was one gift that she hadn’t expected and actually had never heard of before: The Madam President Game. It was her favorite present!

After dinner on Christmas, Lily, her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, who are all Melrose residents, decided to play The Madam President game for the first time. She loved playing the game. Her grandmother won and became President, but she did name Lily the Vice-President, and she plans on winning and being President next time she plays.

THE WINNING PHOTO: Lily and her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother playing “The Madam President” game. (Courtesy Photo)

They liked the game so much that her grandmother entered Lily in a photo contest that the ladies who developed The Madam President Game were running, and the photos of all of them playing won the contest!  Lily got a free game.

Lily’s mother had said if she won the contest, it might be a good idea to donate the free game to the library in Melrose so that is what she did, because she wants other girls to know how cool this game is. The game helps to learn about how to become President and about things you need to do and know if you decide you want to be President someday too.

LILY WITH A LIBRARIAN at the Melrose Public Library, where she
donated a copy of “The Madam President” game. (Courtesy Photo)

Lily’s mother is Holly Polito, her grandmother is JoAnne Amirault, and her great-grandmother is Marie Ryan. Her grandmother says: “Lily loved playing the game. Actually, we all loved playing it. It’s so refreshing to see a game for girls that encourages them to be smart, thoughtful, active members of their communities. I think it is great for all kinds of girls to see girls that look like them in the artwork of the game. I think it will make them feel like they can do anything — no matter how big or small their dream may be, if they want it and are willing to work for it, the sky’s the limit. I can’t believe no one thought of creating a game like this sooner!

“Lily is always thinking of others,” Amirault added, “so I wasn’t surprised she loved the idea of donating a game to the library. I’m a proud Grammie so I was there to get a photo of Lily with one of the librarians.

Suzanne Hand, one of the creators of The Madam President Game, said that Lily won for her submission of a photo of the four generations of women playing The Madam President game. “Congratulations Lily! We love that generational photo. It’s also encouraging to hear she donated a game to the library. That strong sense of community and desire to pay it forward are just some of the positive messages we are trying to get across through The Madam President game.”

About The Madam President Game

The Madam President Game© is a non-partisan board game that teaches players about skills and experiences needed to become a great leader, even possibly President of the United States. Order your copy at This item is not available in stores.