Published in the December 24, 2015 edition


NORTH READING — To adults of a certain age, the holiday season naturally brings back memories of Christmases past and loved ones who have left us throughout the years. One of the most touching aspects of compiling the annual list of donations to the Transcript’s Neighbor Helping Neighbor Fund at this time of year is the high number of donations given in memory of lost loved ones – family members, dear friends, sometimes even beloved pets.

This week’s list of donations offers some poignant examples. Gifts in memory of Chippo, Timothy Chaloux, Richard Lynds, Papa Charlie, GiGi Benjamin, Nana and Grampy, Phil Sr. and Phil Jr., Barbara and Paul Titus and others like them in the last four weeks are the backbone of the Neighbor Fund every year.

And there are other generous donations that help expand the yearly total. This week alone, these include $500 from Ryer’s Store, $1,000 from the Trinity Evangelical Church, $1,000 from China Cuisine and Anonymous gifts of $1,000, $2,000, $450 and $300. Every gift is equally valued and appreciated.

It is a humbling and gratifying experience that so many folks choose to memorialize those who have passed by making a donation to help the Christian Community Service offer assistance throughout the year to those who live among us but for whatever reason are a little less fortunate than others or have just fallen on hard times.

It has been said that the spirit of Christmas lives in the hearts of man and shines most brilliantly when times are hard and people are in need. In 2015, we can say without fear of contradiction that the spirit of Christmas lives in the people of North Reading.

The CCS is a non–denominational, non–profit organization. Donations are tax deductible and a tax receipt will be furnished to anyone who requests one. Receipts are automatically mailed for donations of $250 or more.

Donations accepted at Reading Co–operative Bank

The Neighbor Helping Neighbor Fund will remain open until the end of the year. All donations will be acknowledged in the Transcript. Donations may be mailed to the Transcript at P.O. Box 7, North Reading MA 01864. For those who prefer to drop off a donation in person, donations may be left at the Reading Co–operative Bank, 170 Park St.

Checks should be made payable to the Christian Community Service or “CCS,” not the newspaper.

Help make the 2015 Neighbor Helping Neighbor Fund drive the most successful ever.

• In memory of Chippo, with love from

Eric & Ariel$100

• Anonymous.$450

• Thomas Stratigakis$100

• In memory of Bonnie, Huey & Stomper$30

• In loving memory Timothy Alexander Chaloux from Stan, Kathy, Chris and Kate Chaloux$1,000

• Ryer’s Store$500

• Remembering friends, from Ned & Sandra Kershner$100

• Gordon & Pauline Hall$150

• In memory of Richard Lynds$200

• Anonymous$100

• Tony & Marilyn Sacco$25

• John & Jayne Stevenson$25

• Trinity Evangelical Church$1,000

• John & Joanne Allen$75

• In memory of Papa Charlie, you are missed, from Bill, Michael, Rachel and Matthew$50

• In memory of GiGi Benjamin$10

• Russ and Janet Morris$100

• Anonymous$2,000

• Russ & Sandy Carriker$100

• For Nana & Grampy$50

• In loving memory of Phil Sr. and Phil Jr$100

• In memory of Barbara & Paul Titus$50

• Anonymous$300

• China Cuisine$1,000

• In memory of Jim Lavery$50

• In memory of Paul Silvestro$100

• Jeffrey & Joan Legrow$100

• The Driscoll Family$25

• Winston$100

• In memory of John & Bonnie$300

• Brad and Jean Jones$25

• In memory of Sabrina$50

• Anonymous$1,000

• Anonymous$150

• Anonymous$50

Total donations this week$9,565

Previously Acknowledged$17,640

Total as of Dec. 24$27,205