Published in the March 30, 2017 edition.

WAKEFIELD — The Dockside Restaurant in Wakefield is hosting Michele McPhee, Wakefield native and author of Maximum Harm, on Sunday, April 16, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The Dockside is located at 1099 Main Street in Wakefield. Stop by the restaurant and meet Michele and learn more about her latest acclaimed work.

“On a routine gorgeous Spring Day, terror strikes Boston again. Similar to tragic events of the past, every person remembers what they were doing when the cowardly terrorists struck the symbolic event of the Boston Marathon. As she has done with her previous writings, author Michele McPhee nails it. Happiness, fear, tragedy, anger, heroism, hope are all on display in this riveting new book about terror in Boston. A must read, so we never forget and learn from the lessons of that historic day.”

— Former U.S Senator Scott Brown, author of Against All Odds: My Life of Hard Times, Fast Breaks, and Second Chances.

“No single reporter has covered the Boston bombing as thoroughly as Michele McPhee. She knows Boston — its streets, its cops and its corridors of power. Maximum Harm is riveting — a tribute to the first responders, and, even more startling, a troubling expose of the FBI’s botched handling of the Tsarnaev brothers. You may think you know this story, but until you read this book, you don’t.”

—T.J. English, New York Times bestselling author of Where the Bodies Were Buried and The Westies

“Michele McPhee’s Maximum Harm is a riveting and eye-opening page turner that takes you into the real world of international terrorism, the difficulties for local, state and federal law enforcement; and the reality that the attack isn’t if, but when; and raises the question: Are we prepared?”

— Bernard B. Kerik, Police Commissioner (Retired), City of of New York

“In Maximum Harm, Michele McPhee uncovers shocking new truths about the Boston Marathon Bombers and those in government, law enforcement and inside their own community who gave them free reign to plot and execute one of the most vicious terror attacks ever carried out on American soil. This book will grab you, shake you and will not let you go!”

—Casey Sherman, New York Times bestselling author of The Finest Hours and Boston Strong

“While the government quietly closed their case against the lone terrorist brought to trial in the Boston marathon bombing, Michele McPhee continued to work behind the scenes developing investigative leads through her cadre of sources. Maximum Harm is the latest example of McPhee’s investigative excellence and exposes many of the details kept secret from the public, leaving the reader questioning if justice was truly served.

— Thomas Pasquarello, former Somerville, MA Police Chief and retired Special Agent of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration

“Investigative reporter Michele McPhee digs deeper than anyone else and rewrites the Boston Marathon bombing narrative. This isn’t some crackpot conspiracy story but an extraordinary piece of fact-based journalism. McPhee names names and reveals official documents not made public before. Federal prosecutors acknowledged the Tsarnaev brothers lacked the skills and materials to make the explosives. So who did and why didn’t the Feds go after the bomb maker? Senator Grassley wrote to the FBI asking if the bureau tried to recruit Tamerlane and ‘if not, why not?’ McPhee has done her work, now it’s time for Congress to reopen the Marathon bombing investigation.

— Bruce Gellerman, senior correspondent and investigative reporter, WBUR Boston

“The journalistic integrity and investigative skills of Michele R. McPhee have once again proven to be a rare commodity. Her reporting in Maximum Harm clearly proves the government at best lied or covered up, at worse falsified, the facts of a terrorist attack on American soil. Yet McPhee not only dug up the truth through her innumerable law enforcement sources, she exploited the fact that justice has yet to be served. A great read for those of us who are fascinated with the truth.”

— Jerry Flynn, executive director New England Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, retired Lowell, MA police officer

“Michele, like all great investigators, well understands one of the keys to unraveling a major case is the ability to recover unseen and seemingly irretrievable facts through the use of well placed sources. Michele’s tenacious investigative acumen and virtuous reporting, on display for years in New York City and Boston, have culminated in a thoroughly engrossing account of the Boston Marathon Bombing and the in-depth investigation which followed. Michele’s chronicling of the staggering details surrounding this act of terror is light years ahead of the standard Hollywood crime drama and what she has uncovered is truly fascinating.”

— Sean Foley, retired NYPD detective, first grade