LYNNFIELD — Spring sports teams have been hard at work preparing for the upcoming season, but they have yet to use any of the Lynnfield High School athletic fields due to snow that refuses to melt.

Athletic Director Michael Bierwirth informed the Villager on Monday all of LHS’ athletic fields are still covered in snow even though spring began two weeks ago. He said athletic teams were scheduled to begin the 2014 season this week, but he believes the season could be delayed.

“We are probably going to postpone most of the games, but we may get some tennis matches in,” said Bierwirth.

Bierwirth said snow has been removed from the high school’s tennis courts, but he said home matches could be delayed because the nets have been damaged and need to be repaired. He also noted the track has been cleared at Lynnfield Middle School, but there are no home track meets this season.

Superintendent of Schools Jane Tremblay informed the School Committee last week all of the North Shore’s athletic directors are in the exact same position as Bierwirth. She said they have “pushed back”their schools’ games due to snow.

Tremblay said removing the snow is problematic because of the fields’ warranty.

“It’s so tricky because we are being careful with our warranty,” said Tremblay. “We can’t put a plow on it and we can’t shovel it.”

Tremblay said school officials contacted a plow company specializing in plowing turf fields recently, but she said the company is “incredibly expensive.”

“It costs $7,000 just to plow one of our soccer fields,” said Tremblay.

In the meantime, Tremblay said school officials are “really hoping we get some warm days” so spring sports teams can begin playing games. She said the snow has been just as frustrating for coaches and student-athletes as it’s been for school officials.

“The coaches are going out of their minds,” said Tremblay. “They want to be outside. They don’t want to be in parking lots and the gym, they want the kids outside. We are working as quickly as we can, trying to be as patient as possible and be fiscally responsible.”