MELROSE — With golfers champing at the bit after a tough winter, the people who run Mt. Hood Golf Course said they planned to open for the 2015 season this weekend.

Some parts of the course still had snow visible on Wednesday, according to professional Michael Farrell. He said he had walked the first five holes earlier in the day and much of the terrain was wet but in playable condition.

In the past several years, Mt. Hood has proven very valuable to the city as a funding source. While those who golf there regular wish no one else knew about the impressive layout, revenue figures from the past two years prove a lot of people are familiar with the place and play there.

Mass. Golf Management LLC has also put a lot of money into Mt. Hood over the past two seasons.

According to fiscal year reports compiled by the Park Commission, Mt. Hood realized $1,372,385 in golf related revenue during the 2014 season, which includes daily greens fees, membership fees and cart rentals. The pro shop and food and beverage operation took in another $641,935. Additionally the Mount Hood Enterprise Fund received $76,880 in revenue from existing lease agreements with the Federal Aviation Administration and T-Mobile.

Mt. Hood saw 37,501 rounds played last year. The golf course sold 129 memberships during the 2014 season, the overwhelming majority of which were purchased by Melrose residents including 21 new members, 105 residents, 24 non-resident and of those 19 were junior golf memberships.

On the expense side of the ledger, Mt. Hood paid out $53,662 in salaries; $913,819 in contractual services; $16,019 in materials and supplies; $69,711 in miscellaneous payments; $140,000 as part of a city bond; and $164,484 in indirect costs.

During fiscal year 2014, the majority of capital improvements were dedicated to “an enormous amount of tree removals,” according to the Park Commission report. “There were many areas aound the court that were safety concerns. We worked on areas where trees were impairing the holes’ characteristics, overgrowth infringing on fairways, greens and parking lots and the areas around all three ponds were opened up to enhance the view where new benches were placed.” Significant tree work was performed on the first, third, fourth, sixth, seventh, eighth, eleventh, thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth and eighteenth holes.

The top of the first tee was widened during fiscal year 2014, with bushes and shrubs removed to allow the tee to be shifted and a flower be added to the back of the tee box.

The third tee had trees removed for a better angle to the hole and new sod was installed. The ladies’ tee on the sixth hole was rebuilt and new sod added.

New patio furniture was purchased for the front of the building.

New lights with fan fixtures were added to both function rooms.