Published in the April 5, 2016 edition.

SALEM — Nancy Elizabeth Coggon, 45, passed away Sunday, April 3, at North Shore Hospital surrounded by devoted staff from her group home in Salem.

She will be fondly remembered as an irrepressible and enthusiastic individual with an intense curiosity about the world around her often explored in extensive bouts of research and writing. Whether the subject matter was a comic book superhero, television celebrity or a fantasy character, Nancy poured herself into each of her projects with a passion and single-mindedness that left caregivers awestruck and, occasionally, stymied by the intensity of her drive and energetic bursts of creativity.

Nancy struggled with medical and behavioral issues throughout her lifetime, marked by periods of hospitalization. But, referring to herself as ‘the Cogster,’ she never wavered in her self-proclaimed role as a helper and rescuer. A preoccupation with tracing family roots and her often discouraging attempts to contact distant relatives were, in reality, Nancy’s way of reclaiming a sense of family which was largely absent during her developmental years.

However, the loyalty and devotion of her guardian, friends and caregivers in the community were visible and tangible confirmation of genuine affection and unconditional acceptance of a truly memorable character.

Born in Melrose on March 6, 1971, she was the daughter of the late Bruce W. and Elizabeth M. (Emerson) Coggon. She was the granddaughter of the late Arlene Graham.

She is survived by her guardian Martha Toye of Somerville, her cousin Rebecca Coggon of New Hampshire and several cousins in Maine, as well as many housemates, coworkers and the staff at Bridgewell Inc. and Heritage Industries.

Her funeral service will be held in the McDonald Funeral Home, 19 Yale Ave., Wakefield on Wednesday at noon with a visitation for relatives and friends prior to the service starting at 11 a.m. Interment to follow at Lakeside Cemetery in Wakefield.