Eli Spicer and Katherine Lasdin(Courtesy Photo)


GoFundMe set up to assist Eli Spicer



SEATTLE – Just days before a planned trip home to celebrate the holidays with family and friends, the world of North Reading natives Eli Spicer and Katherine Lasdin was turned upside down.

Eli was struck by a hit-and-run driver while cycling home from work on December 20, suffering multiple injuries that included fractured vertebrae. He spent his 26th birthday recovering in the hospital from the surgical implantation of screws and rods to support those fractured vertebrae and incredibly was discharged on Christmas Eve. He is now being cared for at home by his girlfriend Katherine.

Unable to start the intense physical therapy that he will need to fully recover for at least 90 days following his surgery will have serious financial implications for the young couple so his family has established a GoFundMe account to assist them. Within four days $23,868 had been raised – nearly half of their goal of $50,500.

As Eli’s dad, Kevin Spicer, wrote in the GoFundMe appeal: “He now faces a long road of recovery and rehabilitation. For those who know Eli, you know he is up to the task and will put his all into getting back on his feet.”

His dad continued: “Eli the adventurer, runner, Eagle Scout, woodworker, LARPing enthusiast, student, boyfriend, and most of all a kind and caring man, is the first to jump in and help a person in need whether he knows them or not. Eli is now that person in need. The driver of the vehicle who fled from the scene of the accident has left Eli with physical, emotional, and financial stress. He will have several weeks, if not months, of recovery and therapy before being able to return to work at the lumber yard.”

Kevin Spicer is asking those who know his son as well as “people who care for others the way Eli cares” to offer any support that they can, with a promise that “any unused funds will be donated to a medical charity.”

His mother, Bonnie Spicer, has posted a photo online of the helmet Eli was wearing that saved his life with the notation: “Best gift ever, the gift of life! This battered helmet saved Eli’s life. Merry Christmas to all!”

“We are truly at a loss of words for the amount of thoughts, prayers, good energies, and emotional and financial support,” Katherine stated in an update on the fund’s status on Christmas Eve just a day after it began with nearly $16,000 raised. “Eli is making remarkable progress! The last two days he has started walking, performing self care, and was discharged this afternoon! We are so blessed that he is discharged in time for Christmas.”

Katherine added, “He has a long recovery starting with three months of little movement and weight restrictions. Please continue to keep Eli in your thoughts and prayers.” She also expressed gratitude to the team at Harborview Trauma Center “for their incredible work and for motivating him to work hard.” To follow his progress or to donate to the fund for Eli Spicer, visit: https://www.gofundme.com/f/neswn-support-for-eli