Published in the September 13, 2018 edition


NORTH READING — North Reading native Kaylee Greer, a nationally renowned dog photographer – or “dogtographer” – launches her new television program “Pupparazzi” on the National Geographic Wild cable channel this Saturday night, September 15. The show airs locally at 10 p.m.

“The episodes are each one hour long,” Greer said. “The most featured ‘A Storyline’ is of a rescue or shelter dog with an amazing story and their photo shoot that I do to try and help get them adopted.”

Planned segments include “going behind the scenes on a commercial photo shoot with a bigger industry-type client,” she said.

Other storylines feature Greer’s “passion project” on the pit bull breed.

ADVENTURE AWAITS! Dogtographer Kaylee Greer captured this image of Grizz on the edge of Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada, which she described as “one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen with my own two eyes.” (Kaylee Greer/Dog Breath Photography)

“The first episode features a shoot for my ‘IncrediBULLS’ series which stars amazing superhero pit bulls from around the country in an attempt to change the stigma surrounding the breed,” Greer said.

Kaylee grew up right here in North Reading and still has family here. “I grew up on the back side of the pond,” she said, referring to her childhood home on Old Andover Road, near Martin’s Pond. She always had dogs growing up. Her first dog was a golden retriever.

While attending college in Florida she chose visual arts when she finally had to declare a major. “I took a bunch of photography classes but back then it was film,” Greer recalled.

And she was a broke college student. “I hadn’t pointed my camera toward a dog yet!” she said.

She started her company, Dog Breath Photography, eight years ago at the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals at Nevins Farm in Methuen.

Greer was a volunteer at the shelter and would photograph the dogs. “All these dogs had was this tiny thumbnail that lived online in adoption photos,” she said. She wondered if she could do better.

A year after she started volunteering at the shelter she began taking private photo shoots, in the beginning for other shelter volunteers as presents for relatives. She expanded her reach mostly on the East Coast and later all across the U.S. Then she began doing commercial work for advertising agencies. Recently, she completed an ad campaign for Pedigree dog food.

NORTH READING native and “dogtographer” Kaylee Greer will make her national debut on National Geographic Wild this Saturday night with her show, “Pupparazzi.” (Courtesy Photo)

Greer was approached by several TV production companies and is now working with High Noon Productions which produces Fixer Uppers for HGTV in addition to other titles.

Her own dog appears on her TV show. “Joshua is my canine co-star. He is the sausage-shaped love of my life. I rescued him from the MSPCA at Nevins Farm where I first started volunteering. I was about a year into doing my photography thing there when I met him. He was on my list of dogs who needed photos for their adoption profiles. I took him outside to do his photo and realized immediately that I didn’t want to put his photo anywhere, because selfishly, I didn’t want anyone else to see him because something told me immediately that he was essentially my heart living outside of my body,” she said.

“I did do his photos, and I did reluctantly post them, but in the end, I’m the lucky one who got to bring him home. He’s everything to me. The light in all the darkness. A constant reminder of exactly why I do what I do.”

Earlier this week, on her Dog Breath Photography Facebook page, Greer tried to express how she felt about her upcoming national debut.

“Mostly, it’s disbelief. It’s an indescribable kind of euphoria. It’s the warmest kind of love, overflowing in my chest and spilling over the edges. It’s butterflies in my stomach. It’s tears in my eyes and my heart beating at a million miles a minute. It’s the kind of gratitude that lights you up from inside and reminds you that every breath, every click of the shutter, every outlandish dream and every single tiny step on this big, crazy, beautiful journey has been worth it,” Greer wrote. “It’s finally knowing that I can share the stories about these dogs that I love so much with the whole world. Just one week from today, my new television show, ‘Pupparazzi,’ will be premiering on Nat Geo Wild. It’s one of the single most special things I’ve ever done in not only my career, but my lifetime – and I truly cannot wait to share it with you.”