NORTH READING — Last Friday, Community Planning Commissioner David Rudloff, 29 Duane Dr., pulled nomination papers to seek re-election to his second three-year term board. The previous week, his wife, Noelle Rudloff, became the sixth resident to pull papers for one of the two three-year terms up for reelection on the School Committee.

To date, seven candidate hopefuls in the 2022 Town Election have returned their nomination papers to the Town Clerk’s office. They are not yet officially on the ballot, however. Stephanie Connolly, the temporary Town Clerk, explained to the Transcript on Monday that candidate hopefuls need to drop them off by the deadline of Tuesday, March 15 at 5 p.m. “They will be certified at a later date,” Connolly stated. The Town Clerk’s office will remain open for an extra hour that night to accommodate the deadline.

Potential candidates must collect a minimum of 50 certifiable signatures of registered North Reading voters; it is always recommended that candidates submit more than the minimum in case some signatures are disqualified.

The following candidates have submitted their nomination papers as of press time:

Select Board: Liane R. Gonzalez, 4 Clover Rd., and Richard F. Wallner, 57 Lakeside Blvd., both of whom are seeking re-election to their second three-year term on the board.

Community Planning Commission: Warren R. Pearce Jr., 219 Haverhill St., seeking re-election to a three-year term on the board.

Housing Authority: Michele Mawn, 5 John Bickford Way, seeking the remaining three years on the five-year seat formerly held by Mary Prenney. No one has come forward to seek the five-year term Mawn currently holds on the the Housing Authority.

School Committee: Courtney C. Greene, 18 Magnolia St.; Kristen M. Omara, 5 Damon St.; and John P. Barrette, 2 Dogwood Ln., have each returned their nomination papers. All three are seeking election to what would be their first three-year terms on the board. There are two seats up for reelection.

Three other residents previously took out nomination papers during this election cycle for School Committee seats but have not yet returned them. They are: Jodi Cloney, 365 Park St.; Jeffery L. Friedman, 51 Lindor Rd.; and Noelle Rudloff, 29 Duane Dr.

Incumbents Janene Imbriano, 11 Bishops Way, and Chris Pappavaselio, 54 Spruce Rd., had not declared their intentions as of press time.

Town Moderator John Murphy previously pulled papers to retain his one-year term in that position which he has held since 2004.

Elective offices for 2022

The following seats are up for election this year. The names of incumbents are listed in parentheses:

• Two seats for three-year terms on the Select Board (Liane Gonzalez and Richard Wallner);

• Two seats for three-year terms on the School Committee (Janene Imbriano and Chris Pappavaselio);

• Two seats for three-year terms on the Community Planning Commission (Warren Pearce and David Rudloff);

• One seat for a one-year term for Town Moderator (John Murphy);

• One seat for a five-year term on the Housing Authority (Michele Mawn);

• One seat for the remaining three years of a five-year term (Mary Prenney, who resigned Dec. 31, 2021 after retiring and moving from town).