Published December 19, 2019


NORTH READING — The Transcript’s 30th annual Neighbor Helping Neighbor Fund drive picked up speed over the weekend with the arrival of 27 donations totaling $4,519.

Combined with previous donations of $13,130, the third week of the fund now stands at $17,649 as we head toward Christmas.

These funds will be used to support the year-round services provided by Christian Community Service (CCS) to local neighbors in need. All donations remain in town, thanks to the volunteers at the non-profit CCS whose hard word helps their neighbors make ends meet throughout the year.

Assistance includes providing access to nutritious food and other essentials at the North Reading Food Pantry and providing emergency aid to assist with rent and utility payments and other necessities.

CCS is non-denominational and provides assistance to all clients without regard to one’s religious affiliation, if any. Whatever one’s incentive is to support the Transcript’s Neighbor Helping Neighbor drive, we sincerely thank you.

Do something nice, twice

Horseshoe Grille proprietors Pat and Kathi Lee are once again offering a Christmas challenge to those purchasing gift cards to their restaurant. Those who purchase $100 in gift cards to the Horseshoe during the holiday season are eligible to receive a $20 gift certificate for their own use at the restaurant. However, upon request, the Lees will donate the $20 face value of this certificate back to CCS. At the conclusion of their holiday gift card sales, the Horseshoe will acknowledge the total amount of funds raised through this incentive. It’s their way of saying “Do Something Nice, Twice!”

How to donate

As a 501(c)(3) organization, all donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. CCS automatically provides receipts to those who donate $250 or more. Tax receipts for donations of any amount will be provided by CCS upon request by the donor.

The Transcript will acknowledge all donations in the newspaper each week. If you wish to remain anonymous, or dedicate your donation to a loved one, please include a note.

Please make checks payable to “Christian Community Service” or “CCS,” not to the newspaper. Checks may be mailed to the Transcript at P.O. Box 7, North Reading, MA 01864.

Those who wish to drop off their donations in person may do so at the North Reading branch of the Reading Cooperative Bank, 170 Park St. (next to Ryer’s Store).

Please specify to the bank teller your intention to donate to the Transcript’s Neighbor Helping Neighbor Fund to ensure it is recorded on the tally sheet the bank will forward to us for acknowledgement in the newspaper.

Let’s continue to make the 30th annual Neighbor Helping Neighbor Fund drive the most successful it has ever been!

Transcript 2019 NHNF donor list:

• From P&K— $800

• In loving memory of Donna Gail and Lucy DeSousa— $500

• In memory of John and Bonnie Simes— $300

• Everett and Molly Leonard— $300

• Anonymous Elf— $300

• Anthony and Kathleen Brandano— $250

• In memory of Dolores Meli— $200

• Tom and Denise Lumb— $200

• Chuck and Marianne Carucci— $200

• Richard and Michelle Taylor— $200

• In loving memory of Michael M. Lally— $100

• Angela and Bob Mauceri —$100

• Dick and Pat Panaro—$100

• In loving memory of P.T.C., Jr. & Sr— $100

• Bernie and Bill— $100

• Nancy and Peter Zawistowski— $100

• Susan and Jacob Mosser— $100

• The Butler Family— $100

• In memory of Frank and Virginia Chiovoich— $100

• Happy Holidays Alexis, Maxwell, Kyle, Jackson,

Allison & Hugo— $60

• Merry Christmas from John and Joanne Allen— $50

• William and Janice Marshall— $50

• Stephen and Joy Hartwell— $50

•In memory of Daniel O’Donnell from Joan— $50

•In memory of Bonnie, Huey and Stomper— $50

• $44 from 44— $44

• In memory of Ann Kenrick— $15

Week 3 subtotal: $4,519

Previously acknowledged: $13,130

New total: $17,649