A DOUBLE RAINBOW appeared over graduates during the ceremony. (Courtesy Northeast Metro Tech)


MELROSE — The Northeast Metro Tech celebrated the graduation of 292 students this year. In a ceremony held Friday, June 7 at Fred Green Memorial Field, Northeast Metro Tech bid congratulations and goodbye to students from the Class of 2024, several of whom spoke during graduation ceremonies.

“As we stand on the brink of the next chapter of our lives, I am filled with hope and anticipation,” said Valedictorian Amanda Andrade Ferreira, of Malden. “We are ready to face the future, armed with the lessons we’ve learned and the strength we’ve gained from our experiences. We have proven that we can adapt, persevere and thrive, no matter the obstacles.”

Principal Carla A. Scuzzarella noted that this graduating class started their high school careers amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges it presented and that they rose above those challenges to thrive at Northeast Metro Tech.

“Like the classes just ahead of you, you are the definition of the word ‘resilient.’ You navigated through remote learning, virtual shop classes and Zoom fatigue with steady determination. You found ways to connect with each other, even when physically apart. And through it all, you demonstrated an extraordinary capacity to care for one another, to support your classmates and to stay positive,” Scuzzarella said. “You helped bring the ‘normal’ back into our school.”


THE CLASS OF 2024’s class officers stand before their classmates. Pictured from the left: Class President Kerryn Jean, Melrose; Promotions Officer Kerry Jean, Melrose; Vice President Dillon Veader, North Reading; Treasurer Aina Saharan, Malden; Secretary Nicholas Boissenault, Revere; and Junior Class President Samantha Jackson, Saugus. (Courtesy Northeast Metro Tech)

Class President Kerryn Jean, of Melrose, told her fellow graduates that it’s okay if some of them are still searching for direction and encouraged students to be themselves as they head into the world. “As we stand on the road of adulthood, it’s natural to feel a mix of excitement and uncertainty about the future. Some of us may have our paths mapped out, while others are still searching for direction. And that’s okay. Life is a journey, not a destination and it’s perfectly normal to feel unsure at times. What matters most is that we stay true to ourselves, hold fast to our dreams and never lose sight of the unique path that lies ahead,” said Jean.

“Reflecting on our high school years, it’s hard to believe how much we’ve grown since those early days as freshmen. The challenges we faced, particularly with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, tested our resilience and adaptability. Yet, through it all, we remained united, eager to explore the mysteries of high school life and create lasting memories together.”


RAIN FALLS THROUGH the sunshine at the Northeast Metro Tech Class of 2024’s graduation ceremony. (Courtesy Northeast Metro Tech)

Salutatorian Muhammad Fazeel, of Winthrop, told classmates that despite having different paths through high school, each graduate shared a common goal of excellence. “Standing before you today fills me with immense pride and gratitude. We are here to celebrate a significant milestone in our lives, the culmination of four years of hard work and dedication. Each of us has traveled a unique path through this school, pursuing different shops and pathways. Yet today, we stand united, side by side, in the same field,” said Fazeel.

“Throughout high school, we had the opportunity to explore various careers from robotics to plumbing, electrical to cosmetology, business tech to health assisting and many more. Despite the diversity of our trades, we shared a common goal: to excel in our chosen fields and prepare for the future. This shared ambition created a sense of unity among us, showcasing the breadth of our collective achievements and bridging the gaps between our various shops.”

PLUMBING STUDENT EMILY Santa Macedo, of Revere, celebrates after receiving her diploma. (Courtesy Northeast Metro Tech)