Published in the October 19, 2016 edition

LYNNFIELD — A quorum of 175 registered voters will be required Thursday night, Oct. 20 for action to be taken on the final six warrant articles remaining on the docket for October Town Meeting.

Town Meeting was adjourned Monday night after a quorum challenge was called by Bob Miller of Fernway after action had been taken on the first six warrant articles. The quorum count revealed that 166 voters remained in attendance, therefore Town Moderator Arthur Bourque called for adjournment shortly after 9 p.m.

According to Town Counsel Tom Mullen, a motion to reconsider any article passed Monday night would be possible at Thursday’s reconvened Town Meeting.

The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium of the Lynnfield Middle School, 505 Main St.

Action remains to be taken on these final six warrant articles:

Article 7 asks voters to increase the daily fine issued to those who violate any of the town’s zoning bylaws to $300 per day, up from the current $100 fine per day, which has not been increased since 1977.

Article 8 seeks to allow the town to petition the state Legislature to require the MBTA to allow the town to maintain culverts under the railroad bed within Reedy Meadow at the town’s expense to help alleviate perpetual flooding issues in the vicinity of Perry Avenue neighborhood.

Article 9, proposed by the Town Clerk, seeks to delete the $10 penalty for keeping unlicensed dogs in town after the March annual deadline.

Article 10 seeks funds from the town for engineering services related to improvements sought under the town-wide recreational fields program.

Article 11 seeks to allow the selectmen to establish speed limits of 25 mph or any roadway “inside a thickly settled or business district” provided the change is not done on a state highway.

Article 12 would allow the selectmen the authority to designate certain roadways as “safety zones” with posted speed limits of 20 mph or less on any way that is not a state highway.

The complete warrant may be viewed by visiting this link: