Published in the May 19, 2017 edition

MELROSE — For the time being at least, there’s a race for Ward 3 alderman.

Sarah Lang of 229 Lynn Fells Parkway is challenging incumbent Frank Wright. Lang took out papers for nomination to the seat May 5; Wright took out papers for reelection May 8.

The 2017 city election is November 7 and each aldermanic seat to be decided already has at least one person running for it. The School Committee has three seats up for election, and two candidates as earlier this week.

On Monday, May 1, incumbent Aldermen-at-Large Monica C. Medeiros and Michael P. Zwirko took out papers for nomination for reelection. Also pulling papers for one of the four alderman-at-large seats to be decided were Grove Street’s Manisha Gadia Bewtra and Kate Lipper-Garabedian of Mystic Avenue.

Incumbent Ward 2 Alderman Jennifer Lemmermen of Bay State Road pulled nomination papers seeking reelection, as did Ward 6 Alderman Peer D. Mortimer.

On Tuesday, May 2, incumbent Ward 5 Alderman Gail M. Infurna took out papers for reelection, as did Ward 7 Alderman Scott M. Forbes.

Peter I. Navarra of Crescent Avenue pulled papers May 1 seeking nomination for election to the School Committee. West Wyoming Avenue’s Christian J. Hashem did the same thing May 2.

Nomination papers may be obtained only by a candidate or a person presenting the signed authorization for a candidate. The last day to obtain nomination papers for all candidates will be Friday, September 15.

The last day to submit nomination papers will be no later than 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 19th for all candidates.

Prior to obtaining nomination papers, each candidate must file with the Election Office, a statement containing his/her name and address and the office for which he/she intends to run.

Before any voter may be permitted to sign a nomination paper, said paper must be completely filled out with the candidate’s name and address (number and street) as they appear on the 2017 voting list and the office to which he/she seeks nomination. For more information, please contact the Election Office at 781-979-4125.

At this election, the following officials are to be chosen for a term of four years:

• Three members of the School Committee, to be chosen by and from the qualified voters of the entire city.

The following officials are to be chosen for a term of two years:

• Four alderman-at-large, to be chosen by and from the qualified voters of the entire city.

• One alderman, to be chosen by and from the qualified voters of each of the seven (7) wards.

The minimum number of signatures to be certified on nomination papers to place candidates on ballot is as follows:

• Alderman-at-large, 120

• School Committee, 120

• Ward alderman, 20


You must be: 18 years of age; an American citizen; a registered voter; a resident of Melrose