WAKEFIELD — Following the school board meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 25, when capital requests were chief among topics discussed, it was decided to move handicap accessibility for all students from Tier 2 to Tier 1 priorities.

“The move to Tier 1 was a response to thoughtful feedback from the School Committee about making optimal accessibility for all students a priority for upgrades at Wakefield Memorial High School,” said superintendent of Schools Dr. Stephen K. Zrike.

At the Nov. 25 meeting, School Committeewoman Janine Cook commented that the school was “out of compliance” concerning handicap accessibility, pointing to bathrooms and elevators. She then requested that handicap accessibility be placed on the Tier 1 list.

At tonight’s meeting, a motion will be made to accept the capital requests as presented and school board members will vote.

Other Tier 1 projects in addition to handicap accessibility include:

High school — HVAC balancing ($25,000), exterior door replacement ($15,000) and exterior paining and repair ($15,000).

Greenwood — Flooring ($25,000) and interior painting ($5,000).

Dolbeare — HVAC in art department, hallway and cafeteria ($10,000), resurface kindergarten playground ($20,000) and interior painting ($10,000).

Woodville — HVAC ($7,500) and interior painting ($15,000)

Walton — Repave parking lot ($15,000) and interior painting ($5,000) and replacement of stage curtains ($12,000)

Doyle — Gas boiler ($120,000), intercom/clock system ($6,500) and flooring ($6,500)

Systemwide — Heating ($85,000), bus lease payment for year 3 ($26,433), playground repairs and paving (Department of Public Works to determine)

Athletics — Safety mats for gymnastics ($5,000), field house championship banners ($9,100), field hockey goals ($5,000) and field house scoreboard ($15,000)

Food service: Tilt table/steamer for Walton $34,179.


Also on tonight’s agenda are further discussions about full-day kindergarten, a motion to accept school improvement plans and SEEM updates. The SEEM collaborative has been in existence since 1968, serving students, educators and specialists and providing quality-driven, affordable educational programs and services to school-aged students whose needs are so unique that local Special Education teams have determined their needs cannot be met by local school districts. SEEM educators help students achieve personal, vocational and educational goals and assist students and their families through their transitions from school to life.


Tonight’s “student spotlight” will be placed on Shannon Quirk, champion swimmer and member of the Class of 2015 and Swim Coach Kathy Byrne.


Business Administrator Michael Pfifferling will give a report on school financials and a report on personnel matters.