GIRLS JUST wanna have fun! From left: Willow, Maddie, Charlotte and Mia show their true colors and ally ship at the 4th annual Pride Ride. (Courtesy Photo)



RAINBOW BRIGHT! Drag performers (from left) Bella Luna, Clara Divine and Zest pose with fans Maya, Mia, Cora, Lucy, Maddie and Willow at the post-Pride Parade festivities. (Courtesy Photo)



LOVE WINS! Celebrating allyship, friendship and love at the Pride Parade festivities are (from left) Beth McCaul, Francine Coughlin, Marissa, Alison Rosabianca, Katie Gabriello, Lisa Moran and (front row) Melissa Fritz. (Courtesy Photo)






LET’S GO FOR RIDE! This proud pooch patiently waits for its human to ride in the 4th annual Pride Ride June 23. (Courtesy Photo)



PALS Rita Mullin and Pride Ride organizer Francine Coughlin celebrate their friendship at the post parade party at IRP. (Courtesy Photo)



THE NORTH READING Human Rights Group, whose motto is: “Embracing Diversity Together,” provided an informational table at the 4th Annual Pride Ride. Among the members on-hand to greet guests was Melissa Audier. (Courtesy Photo)




DRAG performer Zest staying cool on a hot afternoon at the post Pride Parade party at IRP. (Courtesy Photo)



ALDERSGATE’S PRIDE Parade message was: “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors.” (Courtesy Photo)