Published in the September 2, 2016 edition

MELROSE — Superintendent Cyndy Taymore is pleased to announce that several projects, updates and renovations have been completed in buildings throughout the district in time for the start of the new school year.

The Department of Public Works and the Office of Planning and Community Development oversaw all projects in conjunction with school officials.

“It has been a busy summer as we conducted necessary maintenance and improvements to our buildings,” said Taymore. “Thank you to the DPW, the Office of Planning and Community Development and their staff for their continued dedication and commitment to these projects.”

Melrose High School

The projects completed at Melrose High School are the learning commons, guidance administrative office and a maker space. A maker space is a multidisciplinary classroom outfitted with technology and a variety of tools and equipment that provides students with the opportunity to design and build items that extend their learning.

The projects have met all applicable building codes and a final building inspection has taken place.

Hoover Elementary School

Window and exterior door upgrades have been completed, according to all applicable building codes and a final building inspection has taken place at the Hoover Elementary School. The project included a regulated asbestos abatement during the demolition of the existing windows.

Additional classroom space

Additional classrooms were needed due to increased enrollment. At the Winthrop, Roosevelt and Lincoln schools, general education classrooms were created to meet the demand.

The district-wide state regulated inspections and cleaning tests that took place and coordinated by the DPW were:

• State elevator inspections at all schools.

• Kitchen grease traps and exhausts cleaned and inspected in addition to kitchen hood inspections.

• Annual state boiler inspections and preventive maintenance and cleaning of all boilers.

• Fire extinguisher annual inspections.

• Fire alarm testing and fire sprinkler testing by DPW vendors in coordination with the Melrose Fire Department.

• Science labs’ fume hoods, science lab service and the MHS photo lab.

• Security alarm systems checked and repaired as required.

• Emergency generator inspections.

• A water filling station was added to the Horace Mann, Franklin Early Childhood Center, along with an additional two at the MHS campus. All schools buildings now have at least one filling station.

• Roof drains were inspected and cleaned if necessary.

• HVAC maintenance.

Lead sampling

An expanded lead sampling program was coordinated between DPW’s Engineering and Facilities Divisions and the Melrose School Department.

The DPW conducts lead sampling, working together with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, on a regular basis. As part of the city-wide testing program, the DPW, with the MWRA, completed lead sampling throughout the city’s schools.

DPW engineering offices have been working with both the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and the MWRA to implement additional sampling opportunities throughout the district.

In June, during the last week of school, a minimum of two samples were taken from drinking fixtures at all school buildings throughout the district. All samples tested below the lead standards with the exception of two at the Franklin ECC. Although two initial samples of the five fixtures used at the Franklin ECC tested above the threshold, as a follow up to these tests, 30 second flush samples, taken after water is flushed through the fixture, passed all requirements at both of these locations.

Fixtures at the sample locations with elevated levels at the Franklin ECC have been removed. The DPW will continue to test all buildings throughout the school year and will work with both the DEP and MWRA to ensure that the highest level of water quality continues to be attained in school buildings.

Buildings cleaned

Each school was thoroughly cleaned, including the washing of all windows, walls and flat surfaces. The following specialized items were also cleaned:

• Gym floors refinished.

• School clocks and bells were re-programmed.

• Emergency shower and eye wash stations were flushed and flow rates and signage were inspected.

“All buildings are up to code and approved for the start of the school year,” DPW Superintendent John Scenna said. “We will regularly be on site at all campuses to ensure a smooth transition for students, faculty and staff.”