LYNNFIELD — The Select Board unanimously voted to extend Town Administrator Rob Dolan’s contract during Monday’s meeting.

Select Board Chairman Phil Crawford said the extension will add an additional year onto Dolan’s contract. Dolan, who served as Melrose’s mayor for 16 years, began his tenure as Lynnfield’s top municipal official in February 2018. He succeeded former Town Administrator Jim Boudreau, who left Lynnfield in December 2017 after accepting a similar position in Scituate.

“Rob has done an outstanding job, especially with the turbulent times we had with COVID and all of the challenges we have had the last couple of years,” said Crawford. “I appreciate everything Rob has done. Thank you.”

Crawford said Dolan will be earning a $212,500 salary this year, which is higher than the $194,500 he made last year. He recently undertook a study that examined the salaries of other town administrators in the area in order to determine the pay raise.

“This gets Rob’s salary to the middle range of what other town administrators make in similar towns,” said Crawford. “I am a little biased, but I think we have one of if not the best town administrators in the state. I would certainly like to see him stay around as long as possible.”

Select Board member Joe Connell agreed.

“Rob, you are just a remarkable person,” said Connell. “The dedication you have to Lynnfield is unmatched. With all of the future endeavors coming up in the next couple of years, things are looking good for the town. I can’t thank you enough for how hard you work for this town.”

Select Board member Dick Dalton recalled that he, Crawford and former Select Board member Chris Barrett voted to form a search committee and hired a consultant that was tasked with finding Boudreau’s successor in the fall of 2017.

“We didn’t know who would be applying for the position, and Rob came along when he was the mayor of a municipality,” said Dalton. “I am sure being a mayor has a lot in common with being a town administrator, but there is a lot that is very different. He made an unbelievable transition. If I look back then and had a list of qualities and characteristics that I wanted in a person coming in as our town administrator, I would check off everyone of those boxes for Rob. He has done an outstanding job, and I am glad that Phil took the time to do this comprehensive study of what other municipalities are paying their town administrators. This puts him at the market rate, which is fair. That is how you retain good people. Thank you Rob for all that you have done.”

After the discussion, the Select Board unanimously voted to extend Dolan’s contract from Feb. 1, 2023 to Jan. 31, 2025.

Dolan thanked the Select Board for extending the pact.

“I was an elected official for many years,” said Dolan. “I have to say our Select Board, School Committee and our other boards and commissions are so completely focused on the needs of taxpayers, families and children regardless of politics or trends. It’s why I love coming to work every day. I have an outstanding team that includes one of the smartest and funniest men I have ever met, Assistant Town Administrator Bob Curtin. We are a wonderful team. The people of Lynnfield are so engaged, both in groups and individually. It’s an absolute pleasure coming to work every day. I look forward to being part of this community for many years to come if that is the will of the board.”