LYNNFIELD — This year’s selectman candidates raised quite a bit of money as their campaigns gathered steam in the weeks and months prior to Monday’s hard-fought municipal election.

According to campaign finance reports from Feb. 5 to April 6, the selectman hopefuls raised a combined $16,146.81. Selectman candidate Katy Shea’s election committee raised $9,466.81 and Selectman candidate Chris Barrett’s committee raised $6,680.


The campaign finance report covering this period revealed Shea donated $3,000 to her campaign on three different occasions. She also donated $448.80 to her campaign on March 30 and donated $119.01 to her campaign on March 31. Her husband, Brian, donated $300 to the campaign on Feb. 3.

Shea’s notable campaign contributors were Susan Dunn-Cheraamie ($500), David Drislane ($300), Selectman Tom Terranova ($250), Stephen Beradino ($250), John Nunziato ($250), Cori Connor-Morse ($250), Sheila Craffey ($250), Thomas Bogart ($200), Colleen Duffy ($200), Sylvia Keene ($200) and Susan Keene ($200).

Shea also received campaign contributions from David Miller ($250), Mark McDonough ($150), Carolyn Sellers ($150), Robert Casoli ($100), Francis Corvino ($100), Michelle Greene ($100), Karen Guerra ($100), Stephanie Hines ($100), Wendy Larovere ($100), Harry Le Cours ($100), Merilyn Mastronardi ($100), Janice Neville ($100), Robert Prosperi ($100) and Cheryl Schedin ($100).

The Committee to Elect Katy Shea had a $2,479.91 balance on April 6. The committee spent $6,986.90 from Feb. 5-April 6. The committee spent $1,800 to have SwiftKurrent develop the campaign website. The campaign spent $468.75 to have Sonora Design Works create brochures. The committee spent $448.80 to have FedEx create posters and spent $119.01 to advertise on Facebook.

The campaign also spent $3,367.49 on campaign advertising.

As of eight days before the election, Shea’s campaign committee had $2,479 to spend.


The top campaign contributors to Barrett’s campaign were Sharon Caico ($500), Harold LeGrow ($500), Sean Riley ($500), Joan Bourque ($250), Beverly Merritt ($250), Philip and Candace Doucette ($250), Alissa McCann ($200), Joseph Motzkin ($200), Jeffrey and Susan Polansky ($200), Fred and Gloria Santangelo ($150) and Russell Boekenkroeger ($150).

The Barrett campaign also received donations from Jack Adelson ($100), Leo Barrett ($100), Kathleen Barrett ($100), Joe Bolino ($100), Matthew Monkiewicz ($100), John and Hilda Moynihan ($100), Jeanna Doyle ($100), James Driscoll ($100), William and Mary Fallon ($100), Salvatore and Gilfronia Giugliano ($100), Karen Greenstein ($100), Walter and Gail Keddy ($100), John H. Kimball III ($100), Lorretta Loomos ($100), Joe Maney Sr. ($100), Richard Ripley ($100), Michael and Heidi Turner ($100), Mark Vitagliano ($100) and John Welch ($100).

The Committee to Elect Chris Barrett spent $1,431.72 on signs from Connelly Printing. The committee also spent $4,649 on political advertising.

According to the campaign finance report, the Committee to Elect Chris Barrett had $1,749.40 to spend as of eight days before the election.

The deadline for Shea and Barrett to submit their final campaign finance report is 30 days after Monday’s election.