Published in the September 29, 2017 edition.


WAKEFIELD — The Board of Selectmen this week approved a number of requests from the Traffic Advisory Committee (TAC) to remedy issues brought to their attention by citizens.

The selectmen approved the TAC’s recommendation for a “Stop” sign on Gumwood Lane at the intersection with Andrews Road. This is a “T” type intersection and the TAC felt that a “Stop” sign was warranted at this location.

The TAC also addressed a request from a
citizen for a remedy to prevent northbound traffic on Main Street from blocking Pearl Street. When northbound traffic on Main Street is stopped at the traffic light at the intersection with Salem Street, a back-up often occurs that prevents southbound vehicles from making a left turn onto Pearl Street. Pearl Street is a one-way street that can only be accessed via Main Street.

The TAC recommended that a sign be installed at the southeast corner of Pearl Street that reads, “Do Not Block Intersection”. The TAC also recommended that a white box with striping be painted on the northbound lane of Main Street where it intersects with Pearl Street to clearly mark where vehicles should not be stopping.

The TAC also considered a request to relieve a sight distance issue around the entrance/exit of 997 Main St. The driveway to 997 Main St. serves a multi-family condominium development. The TAC recommended that parking be prohibited on the west side of Main Street 10 feet to the north of the driveway and 10 feet to the south of the driveway.

The TAC also looked at another request to relieve parking violations and sight distance issues with the eastern most driveway to 219 Albion St. The driveway to 219 Albion St. serves a multifamily apartment building. After a site visit to the area, the TAC made the following recommendations for parking restrictions on the north side of Albion Street:

That there be no parking on the north side of Albion Street from the intersection with Gould/Murray westbound past the entrance to Pizza Express at 179 Albion St. This area includes a crosswalk at Lake Street as well as a fire hydrant.That three parking spaces measuring 60 feet in front of the building at 209 Albion St. have a time limit of one hour.Restrict parking 10 feet to the east and 10 feet to the west of both driveways to 219 Albion St. with a stretch of 115 feet in-between, posted with a one hour time limit.


The selectmen approved a request from the Wakefield Merchants Group for street closures and parking restrictions in connection with their “Old Fashioned Halloween” event on Sunday, Oct. 29, 2017 from 2‐4 p.m. on Albion Street.

Albion Street will be closed to vehicular traffic from Main to North Avenue and Foster Street will be closed from Richardson Street to Albion Street from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.  Police, Fire and the DPW have all reportedly been consulted and have concurred with the plan.

Families will be asked for $5 donations to help defray the costs of the Halloween event. Unlike last year, no activities will occur on Main Street.

In other business this week, the Board of Selectmen:

Accepted a gift of a new fence at Beasley Field to the Town of Wakefield from the Wakefield Soccer Association.Approved a request from Knights of Columbus to have their annual charity Tootsie Roll Drive from Oct. 5, 2017 through Oct. 9, 2017.

Approved a request from Lucius Beebe Memorial Library to accept and expend a gift or gift to the Library in the amount of $6,985.00 from various donors.

Approved the transfer of $1,000,000.00 from the General Fund to the Debt Service Capital Needs Account.