VISITORS ABLE TO mingle and discuss information about the vehicles at this years event. (Photo by Raj Das,

MELROSE — The 3rd annual Melrose EV Showcase was held Saturday, June 29 at the Melrose High School parking lot. Over 30 models of electric cars, trucks, bikes and lawn equipment were on display by their owners at the free event. Visitors were able to sit in the vehicles, test out the lawn equipment and have their questions answered honestly by owners in a casual atmosphere free from sales pressure.

Electric vehicles and lawn equipment are gaining in popularity due to their being cheaper to run, requiring less maintenance and being quieter than their gas counterparts as well as emitting no pollution. With over 50 models of electric cars and trucks and dozens of electric bikes and lawn equipment now available in the U.S., there’s something for everyone.

If you missed the event, keep an eye out for next year’s event to be held in June 2025 or attend one in a neighboring community this summer. For more information on electric vehicles or on how to reduce your climate pollution, visit