Landrigan Field is clear of snow, lacrosse teams are outside already

WALSH FIELD remains covered under about a foot of snow due to the severe winter weather. It could be some time before the Warrior baseball team gets onto the field for practice and for games. (Donna Larsson Photo)

WALSH FIELD remains covered under about a foot of snow due to the severe winter weather. It could be some time before the Warrior baseball team gets onto the field for practice and for games. (Donna Larsson Photo)


WAKEFIELD — The severe winter weather, which resulted in above average snowfall for Wakefield, is having an adverse effect on the spring sports teams at Wakefield Memorial High School as most of the fields still have about a foot of snow on the them and have forced most of the Warrior sports teams inside for the first week and a half of practice.

While that itself isn’t unusual at the beginning of the preseason, there is a very real possibility that several sports might not have their facilities ready when the regular season begins in the next two weeks.

The town of Wakefield isn’t alone in that respect as most communities in the state are dealing with the same issue. In fact, the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) Tournament Management Committee has already voted to extend the tournament cutoff dates by a week for most sports (see related story).

“It’s been a lot better,” said Director of Athletics and Student Activities Mike Boyages. “The town did clear off Landrigan Field with a plow so at least we have one turf field available. We have one net up on the near end of the field. The net on the far end needs to be installed when the ice there melts which should happen over the next few days.”

The players in the lacrosse program, boys and girls and both varsity and JV have shared practice time at Landrigan Field. The Warrior boys’ lacrosse team scrimmaged there yesterday with Walton Field, the practice facility for the boys’ program, still covered with the white stuff.

The varsity boys’ lacrosse team opens up the regular season on Saturday morning and should be good to go against Austin Prep. The only thing that might not be able to be done to Landrigan Field until the weather improves is to repaint the lines. The lines are faded but the lacrosse teams can still use the field for games.

The varsity girls’ lacrosse team is slated to host Woburn on Wednesday, April 1 at Landrigan Field.

“The lacrosse teams are able to use Landrigan Field but all the other teams are inside,” said Boyages. “The tennis teams have been practicing at the Boston Sports Club.”

Baseball, softball and track are working out inside for the most part. The distance runners for track are running outside in the area of the high school. They have been unable to get on the Beasley Track and Field facility which is also immersed in snow. That especially hurts the hurdlers and field event personnel such as the javelin and discus throwers.

“With the grass fields, it usually takes two to three weeks to dry out once the snow is gone,” said Boyages. “The MIAA has extended the deadline by a week but that might not be enough. It’s a big concern since we don’t know when we’re going to get started. We could be playing so many games a week. In softball, you only need one pitcher. But in baseball, it is tough if you are playing four or five games a week. It will be challenging.”

Snow still covers Walsh Field and Vets’ Field, home of the varsity baseball and softball teams. Also the JV baseball and JV softball home fields, Moulton and Blatz, are still covered as well.

Tennis could be moved to indoors if the Warriors can secure time at an indoor court in the area. That could result in the tennis schedule from being backed up said Boyages. Tennis is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, April 1 with the girls scheduled to host Woburn, while the boys will play at Woburn High School.

The track and field teams typically go once a week and Boyages is hoping that Wakefield’s schedule won’t get backed up too much, there. Having the track and field teams run twice a week is a possibility. The Warriors teams are scheduled to begin on Tuesday, April 7. The boys are scheduled to host Woburn at Beasley, while the girls are scheduled to travel to Woburn High School.

“The turf field and the hard top (at Dobbins) should be ready before the grass fields,” said Boyages. “I am concerned with Vets’ Field since the drainage there isn’t too good.”

The varsity softball team is scheduled to begin the season on Monday, April 6 at Bedford and is scheduled to play its first two games on the road. The home opener is scheduled for Thursday, April 9 against Lexington.

The varsity baseball team begins the regular season at Woburn before its home opener which is scheduled for Thursday, April 9 against Lexington.

In addition to the snow, the spring sports team will have to deal with rain which usually results in postponements in April and May as well.

The winter season resulted in many postponements and rescheduled games due to the frequent snow storms. It appears that the effects of the severe winter weather will linger into April as well.